The main causes of testosterone deficiency in men

Testosterone is the so-called “male” hormone. This chemical substance, which is synthesized predominately in the testicles as well as in the ovaries and adrenal cortex although in lesser amounts, plays a crucial role in the normal functioning of the male body. In simple terms, it regulates a major part of metabolic, cognitive, and physical processes in men, not to mention the effects it provides on the functioning of the sexual functions. The production of this hormone reaches its peak during the period of sexual maturation. Unfortunately, in the course of time, catabolic processes involved in the biochemical transformations of the enzyme and its derivatives tend to overtop the anabolic processes. Consequently, the amounts of the free chemically unbound hormone in the blood constantly decrease. Continue reading “The main causes of testosterone deficiency in men”

Genital herpes: possible hazards and treatment options

The data given by the WHO claims that 11% of the world’s population among the age of 15 and 49 are the carriers of genital herpes. Why the carriers? Because the virus (which herpes, actually, is) is incurable. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll experience its symptoms permanently as the illness (but not the virus) can come and go away.

Ways of getting infected

One of the reasons why herpes is present in the blood of so many people is that it may easily be transitioned from the infected individual to his or her healthy partner. Usually, it takes about two to 14 days for the infection to show up. However, in most cases, weeks, months or even years can pass before you notice any signs of the disease. Continue reading “Genital herpes: possible hazards and treatment options”

Prostate adenoma, why is it dangerous and what are the disease initial symptoms?

Adenoma or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a noncancerous growth of the prostate. It is an illness that develops in the bulk of men who have reached the age of 50 or even younger. Hence, the risks grow as the man gets older. Except for the age, there are some other things that increase your predisposition to the disease:

  • A close family history of BPH;
  • Excessive weight and obesity;
  • Cardiological problems;
  • Diabetes.

Continue reading “Prostate adenoma, why is it dangerous and what are the disease initial symptoms?”

How to Treat Penile Curvature

Remaining unrecognized in an overwhelming number or cases, Peyronie’s disease can harm the sufferer and deteriorate their sexuality. At the same time, the origin of this disease is poorly known, rendering its prevention difficult.

Mechanisms of Penile Deformation

What starts with the onset of pain and develops into deformity is, in its essence, fibrotic tissue alterations of the corpus cavernosum. The initial cause may be a microtrauma of the organ received during sexual intercourse or other activities. In the first stage, pain often predominates. Continue reading “How to Treat Penile Curvature”

What do White Spots on Testicles Mean?

The appearance of white spots may be worrying for men. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, they possess no harm and disappear on their own. In the rest of the situations, white spots on testicles may be the signs of developing some infection.

To understand the nature of these spots, you should have a closer look at them. Let’s loot through the major causes of appearance of white spots in the groin. Continue reading “What do White Spots on Testicles Mean?”

First Symptoms of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the condition, which is characterized by the inflammation and enlargement of the prostate gland. There are several potential causes of inflammation development, with the most common one being an infection. According to the statistics, over 12% of males experience mild to severe symptoms of the condition. Despite the problem is more peculiar of older men, a considerable number of young males are also diagnosed with this problem. Diagnosing of prostatitis is simple, but in many instances, the problem develops into an acute illness or chronic disorder before the patient addresses the doctor. Continue reading “First Symptoms of Prostatitis”

Prostate Gland and Its Main Functions

The first step to getting a clearer understanding of how the prostate affects male health is to learn its definition and basic functions. It surrounds the neck of men’s urethra and bladder and has the size of a walnut. This important hormone-producing organ is responsible for creating specific bodily fluids, and it’s essential to the healthy sexual functioning and regulating bladder control. Continue reading “Prostate Gland and Its Main Functions”