Sexual dysfunction can and should be managed with the variety of treatments available today; in this section, we will focus on how to implement the existing treatments with the maximal efficacy, avoiding popular mistakes. Life quality can be significantly improved – to a point where the weight of ED problems will be taken entirely off your chest. The tips from our authors will help you take your sexual life to a qualitatively new level that in some cases (as reported by our readers) sometimes outperforms the pre-ED state.

Erectile Dysfunction and Age: Causes and Possible Solutions

Striving to learn the reasons of impotence appearance or possible ways to improve it, one should start with its essence. First of all, erectile dysfunction is a male condition that affects the blood circulation and penile muscles. The main feature of impotence is an inability to achieve and hold an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Generally, this issue appears with age, but currently the situation is changing greatly. Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction and Age: Causes and Possible Solutions”

Stress and How It Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is quite a widespread disease that affects many men, even if they are around 20. As they age, the risk of developing erectile problems increases, but it’s a medical condition that keeps affecting young men according to the latest statistics. So, problems with potenсe after 40 are just as common as facing this difficulty when you’re young. Continue reading “Stress and How It Causes Erectile Dysfunction”

Proper Drug Intake Is Half Way to Successful and Effective Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a widely spread problem that occurs the moment a man fails to get or maintain an erection sufficient for a sexual intercourse. The issue can be caused by both physical and psychical disorders. However, with the development of the pharmaceutical market impotence became a treatable condition. Thus, selecting a proper medication and following safety rules will help you achieve the desirable effect and bring your potency back. Continue reading “Proper Drug Intake Is Half Way to Successful and Effective Treatment”

Erectile Dysfunction Issues

Since erectile dysfunction is a complicated health concern that may be caused by the slightest disorder in the functioning of the brain, blood vessels, hormones, muscles or other responsible organs, the treatment of the condition is also long and tiresome. The full course requires thorough health investigations to find out the initial reasons of the condition and select a proper medication course correspondingly. Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction Issues”

Erectile Dysfunction

There are no doubt that the health condition of every person is individual and there are no people with identical complications and diseases. However, the results of investigations have shown that around 70% of males are united by one common problem – erectile dysfunction. While the condition sounds trivial for some people, it evokes great concerns and worries in others. Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction”