Why overcooling is bad for men’s health

The urinary system is a part of the body, which is highly sensitive to both heat and cold. It is especially true for men as due to the physiology their sex organs are more exposed to the temperature impact.

Heat is known to harm sperm production and male fertility on the whole. But how does cold affect male sexual health?

Cold and male genitourinary system

One of the most sensitive organs of the male genitourinary tract is a prostate gland. It is the first organ, which reacts to overcooling. It gets inflamed and prostatitis appears. You may start feeling the initial symptoms of such a reaction already in a couple of hours after staying in the cold air or water.

To the first signs of possible troubles belong:

  • Dull pain and heaviness in the perineum, which can radiate to the scrotum, lower abdomen, and lower back;
  • Frequent and painful urination;
  • Difficulties with passing the urine.

Without the proper therapy, prostatitis may grow into benign prostatic hyperplasia, which has similar symptoms but is much more difficult to deal with.

What diseases may evolve in the background of male sex organs overcooling?

Unfortunately, the diversity of intimate health problems one can evolve is not limited to prostatitis. To the other possible consequences of durable exposure to the cold belong:

  • In case you suffer from chronic urinary tract infection, be sure it will exacerbate after your sex organs get cold. Pain, burning, and discharge from the penis are common signs of urethritis.
  • Exposure to the low temperatures may trigger the formation of the blood clots in the penile arteries and veins. As a result, normal supply of blood to the organ worsens and men may evolve difficulties with getting an erection.
  • The poor condition of the blood vessels and inflammation of the urinary tract organs may result in difficulties with gaining an erection.
  • Inflammatory processes in the male sex organs will definitely affect the sperm production. Low sperm count and motility together with potency issues may nullify men’s ability to impregnate a woman.