How to Bring Affection Back into Relationships

There can be many things in common with your spouse or partner, including ideas, views, favorite meals, movies, etc. However, you may still need to bring more affection and tenderness into your relationship. The main reason is that all people express and view love in different ways, but they all like holding hands, hugging, and touching because they feel happy. What to do? How to return tenderness to a relationship? Try doing the following:

  1. Identify your own love language. Not all couples match perfectly in terms of expressive love. There are different ways people show their love, so you need to determine your preferred styles to give each other what’s needed to avoid feeling confused and rejected and bring back tenderness.
  2. Share your feelings. Stay honest and avoid criticism if you want to build a lasting and strong relationship. Express your feelings with genuineness and explain what is bothering you.
  3. Be more affectionate. Sometimes people want to be tender and affectionate, but they just don’t know where to start. If you face the same problem, start doing small things to see whether you’re going in the right direction to let your partner or spouse know that you’re affectionate.
  4. Reinforce positive behaviors. Any reinforcement is all about stimulating to increase the likelihood of certain actions or behaviors. You should give your partner something that will make him/her do the same thing again.
  5. Show your appreciation. Another effective way to show your dear one what you want or like is to show your appreciation for efforts, such as kissing or hugging. This is how you’ll get closer to each other over time.
  6. Be receptive to affection and tenderness. Make sure you’re ready to accept different forms of love heading your way. You should be receptive to the affection and tenderness your partner gives you.
  7. Don’t stop flirting. If you’re already a couple, it doesn’t mean that you should stop flirting. It’s fun and can bring back tenderness into your relationship.