Why does my wife refuse to have sex with me?

Why do wives lose interest in having sex with their men? How some insignificant problems increase the distance between partners? What are the reasons behind this unexpected remoteness? Of course, this scenario is not as common as may seem – most families overcome such occasional periods of intensified tension and reduced sexual interest without any long-term consequences. Such situations are completely normal – and if treated with care and patience provide no harmful impact on intimate relationships.

However, if one of the partners refuses to even acknowledge the problem let alone try to break the ice, the consequences may be truly catastrophic. Hence, why do wives lose interest in sexual activity and how to deal with such troubles? Psychologists suggest this happens because of the following reasons:

  • Communication difficulties. Wives often tend to demonstrate their displeasure in some aspects of family life by punishing men with refusals to have sex. Unfortunately, this is scenario is typical in those couples – both the husband and the wife feel insecure and prefer expressing their hidden feelings by indirect means instead of talking about the problem. Luckily, such a problem may be solved with a simple conversation with the proviso that you find the right words.
  • Stresses tend to accumulate until they become almost unbearable and, as a result, crush a person. This may result in chronic fatigue or even depression. Obviously, it is a small wonder that the exhausted woman refuses to have sex. The solution is obvious – help your wife, make sure she feels relaxed, let her experience a moment of harmony and internal peace – once you make a habit of helping your wife with her troubles the things will start looking up.
  • She does not receive enough attention in bed. This happens even with couples who live together for decades. Hormonal balance and customary behavior may change resulting in changed demands towards the lover. Several sessions of professional sexual counseling are advisable in order to fully understand the needs and desires of each other.
  • She feels bad. Decreased libido, loss of sexual appetite, depression, or emotional rigidity – these may be the symptoms of serious illnesses. A professional medical observation is recommended to eliminate the risks of disease.