Premature Ejaculation Can Bother Not Only Young Males

Premature ejaculation, similar to erectile dysfunction, is quite an unpleasant and dangerous disorder. Since timing is ultimately important, the inability to control ejaculation can cause a range of disorders and complications. Lack of satisfaction, anxiety, stress and relationship disorders can be the consequence of rapid climaxing. Despite the condition is embarrassing and frustrating, it requires medical assistance, and the faster, the better.

According to the common misconception, lack of experience is the first and the most significant reason for the development of this condition. However, medical statistics show that the condition hits a considerable number of older males, who have more sexual experience. Generally, the condition can be defined as rapid ejaculation that appears before penetration or right after it. It can be a real problem, as you cannot continue having sex after you have climaxed. Over 30-40% of males have experienced the disorder at least once.

Now, it is inevitable to realize that the condition can bother not only the young generation but older men as well. Despite there is no information concerning the exact reasons for the occurrence of this condition, the most typical causes include the following:

  • Stress;
  • Performance anxiety;
  • Relationship disorders;
  • Guilt and others.

Additionally, premature ejaculation is frequently accompanied by erectile dysfunction. A range of other physical impairments can serve the basis for the condition. Medical assistance is required in order to provide males with an exceptional opportunity to last long and enjoy a satisfactory intercourse. No matter if you are a young man or an elderly one, you have a high risk of experiencing premature ejaculation. The causes of its development may vary, while the consequences remain the same.

Discuss the issue with your medical specialist in order to get qualified assistance and professional consultation considering the symptoms of premature ejaculation. Deal with the underlying health impairments in order to eliminate PE signs.