7 Pieces of a Sexologist’s Advice for Men

Almost all men have troubles with premature ejaculation on certain stages of their life. The most common cause is overly large periods between intercourses. In this case, you accumulate a great deal of sexual tension and then a surge of excitement follows, resulting in premature ejaculation. It does not really require medical attention – what you really need looks more like drilling, meaning you should quit those talks and pills and harness your sexual arousal instead.

Seven tips on how to last longer

  • Increase the frequency of sexual contacts. It’s the first ever thing to do. The classic recommendation of two or three intercourses a week will do the trick for you.
  • Avoid blaming your partner and ask her to pay you back with the same coin. Stress, high anxiety levels, and feeling guilty will only precipitate the ejaculation. The ideal situation would be to reassure each other and continue looking for the right pace and emotional set up.
  • Spend more time on foreplay. This alone may provide enough exiting sensations to escape frustration if the coitus is fast thereafter. Moreover, it’s a good practice for the man to get used to high levels of arousal.
  • Speak with each other during lovemaking. Sexually charged words have the advantage of being a more balanced aphrodisiac as opposed to wild and uncontrolled arousal.
  • Get a feel of diverse sexual positions. Especially those that render you more passive and receptive, as the ones with the man lying or sitting and the woman being on top. As your pelvic muscles are more relaxed, you receive a chance for finer sexual control.
  • Bring fun into your sexual life. After all, love is a game, not an exam to pass. Men suffering from premature ejaculation tend to feel overly stressed and responsible, which works as a degrading factor for your stamina.
  • Practice masturbation to better understand your ejaculation specifics. This, too, is a common recommendation for both men and women who don’t feel confident with their own body.

Stay in control of your body

A good idea would be to seek practical advice after a medical checkup. Your other medical conditions will most likely affect your sexuality and levels of energy, so make sure you’re feeling well. Make a habit of visiting the doctor regularly. Self-diagnosis works only where the problem is not significant; otherwise, a professional sexologist’s consultation is needed, followed by a treatment, if appropriate.