How Regular Sex Has a Positive Impact on Your Appearance

If you’re one of those spending a lot of money on anti-aging serums and creams, you should consider the positive effects of regular sex on your appearance because it offers a better alternative according to many studies. They prove that a healthy sex life can provide you with a number of beauty benefits and improve your overall appearance.

Younger Looking Skin

Regular stress affects the way you look, and such stress hormones as cortisol are linked to the appearance of unwanted wrinkle. Regular sex can decrease the negative effects of stress on your skin because estrogen released during orgasms increases collagen levels in the body, thus, preventing the appearance of fine lines. Besides, this physical activity triggers a special human growth hormone that makes your skin appear more elastic.

improve your appearance

Your Improved Glow

Just like other vigorous physical activities, regular sex helps increase the oxygen flow to the skin and body organs while improving your blood circulation. This is what results in glowing skin and bright complexion. A sexual intercourse increases the heart rate that gets your blood flowing. Furthermore, this increase in the blood flow can help your lips look fuller.

Stronger Nails and Hair

Regular sex is good not only for your skin but it also improves the ability of the human body to metabolize and absorb essential nutrients better. The increase in important minerals and vitamins leads to stronger nails and healthier hair.

Better Sleep

Another great benefit of having regular sex is that it improves your sleep, which results in a more alert and refreshed look every morning. A special feel-good hormone, oxytocin, is responsible for this positive effect. It provides people with a relaxed and sleepy feeling after orgasms. Better sleep means an improved appearance in the long run.

When people complain to dermatologists about adult acne, dull complexions, and other skin problems, the last thing they expect them to do is prescribe regular sex. It offers a number of undeniable benefits for your appearance. According to many studies and research tests, regular sex can make you feel better and look younger.