What Females Like in Bed

Romantic dinner or interesting and intriguing foreplay? What can work better and stimulate a successful, pleasurable and satisfactory intercourse? Some women prefer romantic, soft intercourse with the feeling of exceptional care and love, while others are more interested in rude foreplay and harsh sex. However, irrespective of preferences, there are certain things the vast majority of women want to experience in bed. They can be summarized into the following:

  • Undress the partner slowly. Ripping off clothes is not always working. Sometimes women expect being slowly undressed like a gift, so they feel the appreciation and value. No raw passion, but real feelings and relations are required;
  • Experiments with motions and sex positions. While an overwhelming majority of families and partners are OK with the missionary and doggy style, others need some fresh air. Women like variety and they are always ready for experiments. Slow down and enjoy the process. Engage your other parts of the body, including hands, mouth, etc.;
  • Sex in public. Probably, it sounds strange, but over 40% of females have a dream to be caught. It is not about complete penetration, but getting close, kissing and going through foreplay;
  • Take your time. Time is important during the lovemaking. Do not be in a hurry, tease a woman before and during sex. Touch her and kiss throughout the process;
  • Roleplay. It is important to change the reality sometimes and pretend to be other people, who are not that well-bred and well-behaved. Dress up as a teacher, policeman or a firefighter and punish or rescue your partner;
  • Take control. Women are weak by nature, so they are looking for a capable, confident, strong and passionate man, who can be in charge of the process;
  • Foreplay is important. Anticipation is appreciated much. When you are already passionate enough to experience the penetration, a pleasurable foreplay will add to the experience. Listen to your partner, learn his/her desires and stay always concerned about hearing feelings, wishes and preferences.