When do you need the help of a sexologist?

Someone would say that sex is not the most important thing in relations. Perhaps they are right, it’s not important – it’s crucial. Sexual relations may become a litmus paper of the relationships in a family. Any issue, which is not connected with sex will reflect on both partners’ behavior in bed, and vice versa.

To avoid ruining of a couple or a family because of the problems under the sheets, you need the help of a sexologist. Here is how you may define that it’s high time to visit this “awkward” doctor.

Sex has become a real rarity

There are different reasons why people don’t want to have sex. These might be bad mood, tiredness, lack of satisfaction from the process, low libido or all the four together. Whatever the core of the problem, it needs to be solved. A sexologist is just the right person to help the situation.

Your preferences in sex don’t coincide with your partner’s

In case one of the couple is open for experiments and the other one has “traditional” views on the process, you may face some serious difficulties. Especially, if you don’t discuss your likes, dislikes, and preferences. How can you know what your partner wants or vice versa if you don’t speak about your sexual relations? A sexologist can teach you to voice your desires and thus stimulate your development as a couple.

You don’t feel comfortable with your partner in bed

The feeling of shyness in bed (due to your physical appearance or lack of self-confidence, or anything else), which doesn’t let you feel relaxed and enjoy the physical closeness may need professional help. Yet your sexologist will most likely ask both you and your partner to come for an appointment as the issue may be not only in you.

You have difficulties with coming to the peak

Orgasm is the thing any sexual intercourse is started for. In case you can’t reach the climax despite all your desire, passion, and stimulation, a sexologist may be of good help. You should never ignore this problem, especially if everything used to be good.

You are “obsessed” with sex

As they say, everything is good in moderation, even sex. If all your thoughts during the day are about sexual activity, then something is definitely wrong. Sexologist can find the methods to control your lust and reveal the real core of the problem.