Alcohol abuse may lead to erectile dysfunction

Many men know about “magic” properties of alcohol which can slightly increase a sexual arousal and erection during the sexual intercourse. Moreover, alcohol relaxes, helps to cope with stress and lack of confidence.

However, the alcohol abuse has another action on the male body.

Most beverage drinks contain ethanol, an ingredient that may cause various biochemical and functional changes in the male body. First of all, a great consumption of alcohol causes intoxication of the body, so that the work of liver, central and peripheral nervous system is affected. Moreover, the alcohol consumption increases a production of the female sexual hormones in the male body.

It is not a secret that men who have consumed beverage drinks for a long period have a low level of testosterone, and the level of estrogens is higher. But the erectile dysfunction does not usually start from the serious hormone changes, it starts from the impaired circulation in the blood vessels of the penis.

The blood vessels of the penis are filled with the blood during the erection, and then the outflow of the blood is blocked by the valves. This way, the high blood pressure is kept in the tissues of the penis during the sexual activity.

If a man consumed alcohol before the sexual intercourse, the blood flow to the organ will of course grow due to the vasodilatory abilities of the beverage drinks.

alcohol abuse may lead to erectile dysfunctionIn case of the alcohol abuse, the functional load grows on the blood vessels, and they become less elastic and do not respond to the natural physiological processes. The valves which should slow down the venous outflow and keep a high blood pressure in the penis are not able to work under the action of ethanol, and it means that an expected erection will not occur. And if it occurred, it would be weak, and a man would not be able to control this erection.

These symptoms of the erectile dysfunction appear in a short period of the regular alcohol consumption: 3-6 months. If a man consumes high doses of alcohol for a longer period, irreversible processes will grow. First, it will affect liver and cardiac muscle, and then the hormone balance will be changed.

As a result, a man is in for the erectile dysfunction, as well as other serious disorders: premature ejaculation, low libido, a complete absence of the sexual desire. Therefore, a man who likes to use alcohol as a relaxing product before the sexual intercourse, should understand that an addiction is quickly developed, and the consequences may be too severe.