How to Deal with Sexual Anxiety?

The first thing that associates with the word “sex” in a healthy adult is pleasure and satisfaction. However, this statement is not true for some individuals. Experiencing sexual performance anxiety, sex for these men and women is a real challenge. Fortunately, there are effective ways of coping with the worries.

Visit a doctor

Sexual dysfunction in males is among the most widespread reasons for feeling anxiety before sex. Both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may give rise to the feeling of self-doubt that makes you distant. However, either of the problems may be solved with the help of the medications. Besides, there are some special techniques to help men delay the ejaculation and have a normal sexual intercourse. For example: focusing on something else during the process or masturbation prior to the intercourse. In addition, one may slow down the tempo and the strength of frictions thus giving oneself a possibility to keep control of the ejaculation.

Learn to love yourself

This tip is useful for those, who have some doubts concerning their appearance. Excessive weight or scars or stretch marks may become a serious obstacle, especially for women. Lack of self-confidence doesn’t give them a possibility to relax and enjoy the intimacy. However, every woman should understand that she is beautiful the way she is. Nobody is perfect.

Talk to your partner

In case you are emotionally distanced from your sexual partner, it may be difficult for you to enjoy a close physical contact with this person. Talk about your concerns with him or her, speak about what you like and what you don’t like in sex. It will make you more open and relaxed. Besides, you may be sure that your partner won’t do the things you are afraid of.

Start with a prelude

Prelude is an important part of any intimacy. Physical contact without penetration helps to relax and get sexually aroused. For many couples, this process is a possibility to get to know each other closer and get off all the boundaries.