Risk of Long-Lasting Sexual Abstinence on Men’s Health

Sex is one of the most important natural needs of any human being. Besides, it is important to note that sex-related instinct is one of the strongest ones, especially in men. According to the medical information, men usually have a higher need for a sexual intercourse than women. However, the situation is frequently the opposite. Anyway, sex remains a significant part of life and relationships between partners that helps them stay physically and psychologically healthy. The frequency of sexual intercourses usually depends on personal preferences of a couple, though prolonged abstinence can be ultimately harmful.

It is essential to realize that all the factors and issues associated with sex are exceptionally individual. It means the advantages and drawbacks of frequent intercourses or long sexual abstinence will be individual and depend on the character of a person. Once you are not satisfied with the quality of sex you have, short-term abstinence may serve a way out. Libido usually increases after some time without sex, so when you are at the peak of your sexual desire, it will feel completely different.

On the other hand, long sexual abstinence can trigger a range of negative influences on the organism and male health. The most important is that long abstinence can result in dangerous health complications, including erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, restricted libido, ejaculation impairments and others. While younger people can easily restore their sexual function, it is a bit more complicated for older adults, which means that durable abstinence can result in further sex-related problems. Significant hormonal changes may take place in the male organism as a negative consequence of sexual abstinence. It will lead to skin impairments, weight gain, various disorders and psychological issues. It is also necessary to note the negative influence of long abstinence on male mentality, as men can become passive and apathetic, without any interest not only in sexual intercourses but life. Depression, anxiety and stress are other emotional or psychological issues related to sex abstinence.