5 ways to improve the sexual function in men at the age over 45

All functions become slower in the male body as the years go by. The blood velocity drops, elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels becomes worse, the level of testosterone (a basic male hormone) is reduced in the blood. That is why, a quality and duration of the male erection becomes worse with ageing.

About 40% of men over 45 notice that it is difficult to have erection and keep it during the sexual intercourse. Moreover, the tolerance is also reduced after 45 years old, and so a duration of the sexual intercourse will be shorter.

Due to these factors, most men at the age of over 45 have a dissatisfaction in the sexual life and are not able to give his partner a satisfaction.

However, as the worsening of the sexual function with ageing is a natural process, this process is not normal and there is a chance to slow the ageing of the male body. Following 5 rules, it is possible to keep a strong sexual function even at old age.

Ways to improve the potency at the age over 45:

  • Keep a high physical activity. The physical activity improves the functions of the cardiovascular system, makes the blood vessels more elastic, and improves the blood circulation. The production of the male sexual hormones is increased by means of the physical activity, a release of testosterone is stimulated, and the excessive body weight is reduced.
  • Consume products increasing sexual function. A balanced diet is very important to keep a healthy sexual function. Healthy food will help to reduce the excessive body mass and level of cholesterol in the blood, to enrich the cells of the body with vitamins and minerals.
  • Give up smoking and do not abuse alcohol. The bad habits kill our body. Smoking harms the heart, alcohol breaks the central nervous system. As a result, a man have a sexual dysfunction. Therefore, if you want to keep a sexual function for many years, refuse from the bad habits.
  • Have a regular sexual life. Even if erection is weak and not always appears, it is necessary to regularly have a sexual life. There are stimulating pills that will help to have erection. The sexual intercourse improves the blood circulation in the small pelvic, and it improves a nutrition of the penis cells. If you refuse from the sexual activity, the ED symptoms may even grow.
  • Regular medical examination. A regular medical examination will help to detect any dysfunction at early stage and take preventive measures. We often refuse from the medical examinations, and we go to a doctor when it may be too late. But it is not right. A man must visit an urologist once a year and take blood tests to detect the hormone levels.