Generic Tadalafil – Tadalift

Tadalift is a generic medication taken by many men to treat erectile dysfunction, and it’s based on tadalafil (each tablet contains 20 mg). Basically, it belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors, and some doctors may prescribe it to treat the symptoms and signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It’s the same as Cialis, but the main difference is that the price of Tadalift is more affordable.

Common Uses and Directions

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Erectile dysfunction is a widespread condition that affects many men these days. It’s all about their inability to keep and achieve firm and lasting erections. If you have the same sexual problem, try Tadalift tablets because their intake can help you increase the blood flow into a penis, thus, resulting in satisfactory and strong erections while being sexually stimulated. You need to use this popular and effective ED medication orally, usually 30 minutes before your intended sexual activity. The greatest benefit is that its positive effects will last for about 36 hours, and that’s why it’s called a weekend pill. Some male patients take this medication as their continuous ED treatment, while others use it when needed. When it comes to regular doses, the most recommended one is generic tadalafil 20 mg, but it can be decreased if you develop any unwanted side effects. Besides, it’s not allowed to take more than one pill a day, or you risk ending up with overdosing and its dangerous symptoms.

Tadalafil Side Effects

the same as Cialis

Tadalift causes a number of unwanted adverse effects, just like other ED meds, and the most common ones include:

  • Back pain and nasal congestion;
  • Headaches and myalgia;
  • Dyspepsia and facial flushing;
  • Allergic reactions.

The good news is that most of these symptoms are mild, and they go away over time. However, if any of them worsen or you develop the following serious side effects, you need to get emergency medical help:

  • Fatigue, pain and edema;
  • Chest pain, hypotension, and irregular heartbeats;
  • Dry mouth, loose stools, and serious vomiting;
  • Stomach pain and neck pain;
  • Insomnia and severe dizziness;
  • Sudden vision and hearing changes;
  • Hives and increased sweating;
  • Painful or lasting erections.

Tadalafil Precautions and Contraindications

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When you decide to take Tadalift 20 mg to solve your erectile problems, you need to understand that alcohol and PDE-5 inhibitors act as mild vasodilators. That’s why it’s not advisable to combine them, otherwise, you risk ending up with lowered blood pressure. You shouldn’t drink a lot of alcohol when taking this ED medicine if you don’t want to end up with such unwanted symptoms as decreased blood pressure, headaches, increased heart rates, dizziness and others.

In addition, there are some other important precautions that should be taken when using Tadalift to get the most out of it. For patients who have serious heart problems, you shouldn’t participate in any sexual activity and take this drug. It’s not recommended to undergo this popular ED treatment if you have:

  • Uncontrolled hypertension and hypotension;
  • Liver and kidney problems;
  • Serious heart conditions;
  • Rare genetic eye diseases;
  • Stomach ulcers and bleeding conditions;
  • Deformed penis shapes ad priapism;
  • Allergic reactions and blood cell ailments, including leukemia and anemia.

Don’t combine Tadalift with nitrates, street drugs and other PDE-5 inhibitors.
generic tadalafil 20mg

I am taking Bisoprolol, does it mean that I cannot take Sildalis at the same time?

Grant Maxwell
Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello and thank you for your question! Bisoprolol is eliminated through the liver, as well as tadalafil (the active component in the composition of Sildalis). This combination is very taxing on your liver, and is best avoided, especially if you have history of liver problems. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of combining Bisoprolol with Sildalis.

Is it safe to take Cialis if I had Covid-19 in April?

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Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello! Cialis after experienced Covid-19 is a question asked by many, which is understandable. Tadalafil (active component in Cialis) is a safe drug to use in the wake of coronavirus unless your doctor says otherwise. Moreover, tadalafil is used to treat the diseases of lungs, and some studies confirm that tadalafil may bring relief to patients with Covid-19 and during convalescence period.

I heard that Cialis can help cure erectile dysfunction permanently, how true is that?

Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello dear user! Unfortunately, the data in favor of this theory is very scarce and anecdotal (means that it is only confirmed by separate individuals reporting it). However, it is believed that aggravation can be prevented if tadalafil 5 mg is used daily as preventive measure for developing severe erectile dysfunction.

I have a pack of Cialis dating 2 years back, is it still safe to use it?

Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello! Cialis shelf life is 12 months, and while some say that this time can be doubled, we always recommend following manufacturer’s guidelines to better be safe than sorry. Drugs post expiry date are a) less effective and b) can be harmful, just like some foods. You should also talk to your pharmacist about the environmentally friendly way to dispose of pills in your municipality.

I notice that Tadalafil really works for me so I am all but abusing it… been taking most every day for over a month. Is it safe?

Oliver Wells
Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello, it is a very good question that concerns many. Tadalis contains tadalafil 20 mg which is the maximal recommended daily dose. And while there is no data confirming the dangers of daily use of tadalafil in this strength, there is a pill that was specifically developed for daily use, Cialis Daily 5 mg. Discuss its use with your prescriber!

How does Viagra work? My husband has it prescribed, but we haven’t tried it yet. How long before sex do you take the tablet?

Roland Martin
Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Take one tablet about 1 hour before. Do not eat too much an hour before taking the tablet. A strong erection takes place when your husband gets excited, which lasts quite a long time. But after orgasm, of course, the penis relaxes, even if it takes a little more time than usual.

I have spoken to my doctor and he prescribed me Viagra, the thing about Viagra is that it is easy to get it up but the release comes too fast. Could Tadapox help me? What else can help?

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Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Your problem is very common. Tadapox was designed to address this very issue; other things that show good results are pelvic exercises, i.e. things that are recommended for e.g. incontinence – they work for premature ejaculation as well. Try thicker condoms or speak about Levitra with your doctor as an alternative.

What is the point of taking a combination ED drug if they have similar effects? Regards, Mark

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Dr.Pearson’s answer:

Hello Mark and thank you for an awesome question! The point of combining sildenafil and tadalafil in one tablet is making sure that your body responds to one of the molecules – or hopefully both! – and you will experience the impactful and strong action of sildenafil as well as the extended efficacy of tadalafil.

What is the recommended dose of Tadalis for someone who is in his late 50s and has serious erection trouble?