Normal Tadalafil dosage, overdose, and reliable dose adjustments

Nowadays, Tadalafil is considered one of the most efficient and simultaneously harmless medications in the modern paradigm of ED treatment. Surely, the medicine satisfies both conditions only when taken in appropriate doses and in full compliance with the needs of your body. In view of this, what are the doses you should start with to avoid harm and make sure you will achieve a result?

The standard starting dose should not exceed 10 mg taken approximately fifteen-thirty minutes prior to the planned sexual activity. This dose must be taken once per day. Avoid taking the medicine before the end of the 24-hour period between the doses.

Once you have made sure that the proposed dose allows you to reach the desired effect, it is best to lower the dose in order to establish a balanced maintenance approach. The normal maintenance dose usually starts with 5 mg per day but can be increased up to 20 mg per day according to the patient’s individual tolerability. Of course, all changes of your daily dosage schedule should be approved by your physician.

On the contrary, the increase of the already working dose does not necessarily lead to a more prolonged effect and its use should be avoided in most cases. For instance, many patients consider that older men should take higher doses to get the medicine working; however, according to the majority of clinical studies, the medication tend to provide the same effect in almost all age groups (the most notable distinction is the slight prolongation (8%) of the medicine’s half-life in patients from the 65 years age group).

When acting in accordance with these requirements, the probability of overdose is extremely low. However, if you experience any signs of negative reactions that may be caused by the medication, you should immediately inform your physician and seek urgent medical assistance.

Concomitant administration with alpha-blockers

In general, this medication provides no considerable effect on the majority of biochemical pathways in your body. The only drugs that pose significant risk are those containing organic nitrates. Remember that the concomitant administration of these medications is strictly prohibited, as it may lead to death. Naturally, when introducing any new medication in your therapeutic regimen, you should always ask your physician about potential outcomes and seek harmless alternatives if necessary.

So, what dose adjustments should be taken care of when using other drugs? The most pressing issue is concomitant use of the drug with alpha-adrenergic blocking agents since these drugs are widely used in the therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The recent comprehensive review demonstrates that summarized data obtained in 20 clinical-based studies involving more than 70,000 men epitomizes a positive correlation between this disease and ED with an odds ratio ranging from 1.4 to 9.74.

Since these illnesses are so closely interconnected, the amount of clinical data on the simultaneous use of Tadalafil with alpha-blockers is considerably great. According to the available clinical results, the priority should be given to the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. Once the schedule is established, it is possible to introduce Tadalafil for the purpose of the ED symptomatic treatment. The Tadalafil dosage should be as low as possible taking into account the success of the proposed therapy. The initial starting dose under these conditions is 2.5 mg per day.