Alcohol and Cialis: basic interactions

It is well-known that despite the negative influence provided by alcohol consumption on the cardiovascular system, minor doses of alcohol may provide positive effect on erectile response in most adult men. In addition, relaxing action of alcohol may also be positive when it comes to psychosomatic troubles with an erection. Thereby, the issue of safety when mixing the ED therapeutic agent and alcohol is rightfully regarded as one of the most significant.

In general, when it comes to this issue there are two main concerns. Firstly, is it safe to take Generic Cialis simultaneously with alcohol directly before the planned sexual act? Well, as for the general answer to the question whether it is possible to drink Cialis with alcohol, it is worth noting that there are no significant contraindications on this issue.

However, when taking the medication and alcohol, the main principle is to comply with the rationally established limit. Abuse of each of the substances provides negative effects on the functions of the internal organs (starting with the central nervous system, liver, heart etc.). In addition, the wrong combination can significantly increase the potential side effects of the drug when taken in considerably high doses (20-40 mg).

In other words, these substances should never be regarded as mutually exclusive. With proper planning of volumes of consumed alcohol and an adequate dose of the drug, negative effects can be reduced to the minimum.

Secondly, what are the possible outcomes of regular alcohol intake for patients taking Generic Cialis? The second issue cannot be answered as simple as the first one since it must involve careful and prolonged evaluation of the patient’s medical history, status, concurrent conditions, and tolerability. As for the general medical advice, excessive drinking inevitably causes damage to the cardiovascular system, which in its turn leads to the decrease of erectile response, especially in elder patients.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to rapidly change your diet before you start taking Cialis regularly. The explanation for this goes as follows: despite the fact that the excessive consumption of vasodilators is harmful to both the development and maintenance of erection, patients who change their eating habits may experience a rapid spike in blood pressure, which leads to the negative influence on the erectile response.

Doses and precautions

What volumes of alcohol are safe when it comes to the prolonged therapy with Cialis? In fact, there is the possibility that if you combine alcohol and Cialis, the medication simply will not work as effective as planned.

As for the maximal limits of alcohol, which are considered generally harmless, they are established individually for each patient taking Generic Cialis who does not suffer from severe renal or liver impairment, diabetes or serious cardiovascular illness. If you suffer from one of these health conditions, you should avoid taking alcohol with ED therapeutic agents on a general basis.

A standard single dose of alcohol may be defined as 12 ounces of beer, or 5 ounces of wine. As for liquors with standard alcohol concentration, it should not exceed 1.5 ounces. Of course, such doses should not be repeated on a regular basis from day to day. The general approach of moderate drinking means that patients must regard their drinks as exceptions rather than as part of the daily diet when it comes to their simultaneous consumption with a highly efficient ED drug, such as Generic Cialis.