Erectafil – Generic Tadalafil 20 mg

Erectafil is a new drug to treat the erectile dysfunction produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Unisule Pvt. Ltd. It is a pharmacological analogue of Cialis Soft and has all therapeutic properties of Tadalafil.

Erectafil is released in the form of the chewable pills with fruit flavor. It is quickly dissolved unlike common pills because it has a softer texture, and it is not swallowed. It is necessary to put the pill under the tongue or chew it, and Erectafil will start acting. Tadalafil goes to the blood through saliva within 10-15 minutes.

Erectafil long last tablets have an unusual fruit flavor and a smell unlike the common Soft pills. Nobody will guess that it is an intensive sexual stimulant which causes a hard erection.

Does Erectafil work?

As Erectafil is a new drug to treat the erectile dysfunction, men have doubts in its efficiency. However, Erectafil contains the active ingredient Tadalafil. Each tablet has at least 20 mg of this ingredient.

Erectafil 20 mg works by means of Tadalafil. It penetrates into the blood vessels of the penis and activates a natural release of the nitrogen oxide during the sexual arousal. As a result of this biochemical process, a dilation of the blood vessels happens in the penis, and more blood goes to the penis.

Erectafil 20 mgThe efficiency of the pharmacological action of Erectafil has been proved during the large studies with more than 2 000 men. There are no doubts because popular and well-studied ingredient Tadalafil is added to it.But if you want to buy a new drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, you may have difficulties. You will be probably offered an expensive brand Cialis in the pharmacy. Pharmacy chains sell this drug to get more profit. But do not overpay because Erectafil online is for sale.

A cost of Generic Tadalafil is lower in the online pharmacy, and any drug may be ordered at any time, even if it appeared recently on the market.

Is erectafil safe?

As Erectafil is a new product on the market, there are many questions about the safety of this drug.Erectafil contains not only Tadalafil but also non-active ingredients that are responsible for the fast dissolution of the pills and flavor. Tadalafil has been approved by FDA and is considered one of the safest ingredients for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

Erectafil onlineSide effects of Erectafil are possible only if a man neglects precautions and takes a high dose within a day.Generic Tadalafil

  • The optimal dose of Erectafil is 20 mg per day for an adult man
  • The pills may be taken with the interval at least 24 hours

The side effects appear if a man exceeds the daily dose. In this case, the following symptoms appear:

  • Headache
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Redness of face and high blood pressure
  • Dyspepsia

If a man had an allergic reaction to Cialis, it is not recommended to take Erectafil. These drugs have identical active ingredient, and so there is a risk of the allergy. If Erectafil is taken in accordance with the instruction, and dose is not exceeded, the side effects are unlikely.

A high risk of the side effects may be in men with chronic diseases:

  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Arterial hypertension

The sexual activity may be contraindicated during these diseases because of the high load on the heart. In order to avoid it, it is necessary to take Erectafil in a lower dose with longer interval. If the heart beat is rapid during the use of the drug, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist.
treatment of the erectile dysfunction

Erectafil vs Cialis: indications and contraindications

Cialis and Erectafil are similar in quite numerous respects. Strengthening of erection is what both of these medications are prescribed for, especially in males with a partial or full disability to begin and follow out sexual intercourse. This certain state of erectile dysfunction is closely connected with PDE-5, i.e. phosphodiesterase type 5, which is the chief obstructer to blood filling of vessels in the penile cavernous tissue. With age or, sometimes, due to specific medical conditions, a male’s organism starts experiencing a disbalance in the PDE-5 concentration and its blocking agents. Erectafil and Cialis both contain tadalafil, which comes as an artificial substitution to natural blocking agents. It helps an ED patient keep the normal level of erection-obstructing PDE-5 and, consequently, returns him the full control over the erectile function.

Erectafil vs CialisAny otherwise healthy male suffering from ED in a mild to severe form is eligible for treatment with generic Tadalafil tablets. Prior consultation with a physician is a must.Neither Cialis nor Erectafil are allowed to be taken along medicines that constitute classic schemes of treatment for ischemic heart disease (nitrates of various length of action). Such a combination with erection-mending drugs can lead to a dramatic and even life-threatening decrease in blood pressure.

Other common contraindications include:

  • surgically changed or abnormal penile tissue;
  • sharply fluctuating arterial pressure;
  • concomitant therapy with indinavir, erythromycin (may boost the blood concentration of PDE-5 inhibiting agents from 56 to 210% and lead to dangerous outcomes).

Is Erectafil the same as Cialis?

No, those two medicines are not exactly the same.

ED drugsFirst up, their dosage forms differ in convenience. While Erectafil is mostly available in 10, 20 (ST-20) and 40 mg tablets, Cialis is present in a slightly dissimilar array of dosages, namely 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mg. This does not limit, however, the variety of intake options for Erectafil as its tablet can be split into halves and quarters.Secondly, as with any generic Cialis alternative (Erectafil, Tadaga, Tadapox, Tadadel, and others), your tolerance and drug compatibility may vary significantly. This is the reason ED therapies often require trials of medications and at least a few attempts for each to establish its full effect on the patient.

The similarities of the two drugs come forward with their dosage regimens. Both remedies are recommended to be taken with a glass of pure water (not juice) 30 minutes or so prior to sexual activity. Erectafil 20 mg or Cialis 20 mg are nearly equal the duration of action – 36 hours of improved erection, with discrepancies depending on the specifics of a patient’s metabolism.

Choice of ED drugs and specifics of dosage regimen

For Occasional Use

With this kind of dosage an ED sufferer usually takes the drug directly before anticipated sexual activity (taking into account the 30-40 minute delay before the onset of action). Doctors select the appropriate starting dose of Cialis or Erectafil based on age and clinical needs of the patient and accordingly, these doses range from 5 to 20 mg for a minimal between-dose period of 24 h for either drug.

For Regular Daily Use

In case of both Erectafil and Cialis, these doses usually vary from 2.5 to 5 mg, with the pill being taken daily, at roughly the same time, and with no regard to timing of intercourse.

As a rule, it is the aim of the ED therapy that dictates which drug and at what dose is prescribed. Check your options with the doctor. Not infrequently, patients can freely prefer a cheap Cialis analogue to the original Cialis to make the treatment more cost-effective.


Tadalafil Dosage

In the modern treatment of ED, it is possible to distinguish several approaches to the determination of the effective dose. However, the most popular clinical strategy recommends starting with low initial doses in order to determine the general efficiency of the drug before switching to higher maintenance doses.

Initial doses of tadalafil-containing drugs rarely exceed 10 mg. The exact level at which the effect occurs depends on many factors, which means that successful medical regimens are different in various groups of people.

The generic Tadalafil proper dose capable of providing a normal erectile reaction varies between 5 and 20 mg. However, increased doses do not necessarily provide faster and stronger stimulation – in the absence of response to the medium doses, a common practice would be to change the overall strategy or opt for a prolonged therapy.

Said schedule holds true for most generics: a regular Erectafil dose is 20 mg. This drug also comes in a 40 mg form; however, clinical findings confirming its increased efficiency are not available.

Long-term Effects of Generic Medicines

In case of frequent planned sexual activity, it may be more appropriate to take low doses of the drug (not more than 5 mg) instead of the higher ones directly before intercourse. A professional physician should regularly review the expediency of the prolonged daily use in order to prevent the tolerance effect development.

This medicine is also actively used in clinical practice to provide deep relaxation of the muscles in the pelvic zone and increase the general blood supply of genitalia. Therefore, it is capable of providing an overall revitalizing effect when taken on a regular basis.As for the period during which the drug enhances the direct erectile response, generic versions tend to demonstrate more satisfying results than the original medicine. Whereas its effect rarely rises beyond the 24-hour mark, the duration of the Erectafil long term effects is about 36-40 hours.

Quality Issues

All available clinical reviews point to the fact that the overall quality of the generics under consideration lies within the acceptable limits, which are also valid for Tadalafil. However, some generic versions have a bevy of customer benefits. Despite the fact that these features do not affect the general course of the therapy, they make said medicines far more suitable for larger groups of people.

For example, Erectafil from India has significantly lower price than other generics manufactured in the USA. It also demonstrates good digestibility levels and requires no correction of the standard dose even in patients with diabetes.

In summary, the quality of available drugs is sufficient enough to include them in the majority of treatment schemes. Nevertheless, new generics have a tendency to provide positive results with higher frequency and are most likely to constitute the correct and economical choice for numerous ED patients.

Erectafil vs Cialis: Safety and Usage

Erectafil, just like any other Cialis generic in its essence, is reformulated Tadalafil. The occasional problem with generics is that some people tend to take them less controllably, considering those drugs weaker than their branded versions. Due to this, issues with overdosage and unwanted reactions may arise.

As of today, Cialis has stayed popular for precisely one and a half decade and become a model drug for many generics. Both Cialis and Erectafil feature the same mechanism of action, show near-equivalent high efficacy in young and elderly patients and are quite similar in their duration of action (approx. 36 hours). In view of its wide usage, the full range of side effects of Cialis has been carefully studied; furthermore, the safety of Erectafil usage has been clinically approved in an according manner.

ED sufferers who come across Cialis generics for the first time often find themselves troubled by the question: is Erectafil safe or, at least, is it as safe as Cialis? The practice of Tadalafil treatment shows that ED generics may provoke different responses in the users; still, Erectafil and Cialis are marketed in the same category of risks and contraindications. In fact, their closeness in chemical composition makes Erectafil side effects entirely predictable.

side effects of Tadalafil

Common side effects of Tadalafil

A properly selected dosage is key for minimizing the risk of generic Tadalafil adverse effects. That is why your decision to buy Cialis, Erectafil or Tadalafil should always be preceded by a visit to the doctor. All ED drug users should complete the health screening to ensure that the medicine is prescribed in full compliance with existing indications and optimum dosage recommendations.

The frequency and severity of adverse reactions to Tadalafil are inversely related, meaning that more severe reactions are always less frequent. Minor side effects are commonly present in a certain percentage of patients and normally disappear in a matter of half an hour or so.Male Tadalafil users may experience dizziness, retching, tiredness, headache, low mood etc. Said side effects are considered fully reversible as they go away with the drug wearing off and do not cause any lasting organic damage. Although complications are not expected, even the minor inconveniences should be met with immediate medical help or at least reported with further re-checking of the ED patient’s drug compatibility.

Prolonged and/or painful erections, increased heart rate, chest pain belong to the effects categorized as rare to extremely rare.

Unpleasant effects related to ED

Unpleasant effects related to EDErectile dysfunction is quite common in populations of males over fifty. While many patients voice complaints regarding their ED remedies, the fact remains that ED is frequently associated with narrowed arteries and overall poor circulation, which can create background issues unrelated to the drugs.The factors that contribute to the ED condition include low testosterone, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity as well as high or low thyroid hormone. Elimination of the above underlying causes is crucial for prevention of worsened condition and general improvement of the symptoms.

It is highly recommended to remove stress factors, treat psychosexual problems, and opt for a healthier lifestyle without smoking, binge drinking, and sedentary habits. Abundance of physical activities, such as regular daily cycling for 2-3 hours may positively influence the symptoms.