Intimacy in family life

Conflicts and fights break your family? A regular showdown spoils your life and your feelings fade away? Do you notice that a sexual life is dull and seldom? It is time to change.

An ability to understand a problem, accept it and find a way to change it guarantees strong and long family relations. Partners may have sex even in 50 years of life together, and their life may be fill with passion. How to achieve it? It is simple: it is time to change and open new feelings.

We will share with you knowledge of the family psychology, tell you secrets of the sexual longevity between the partners and help to set a regular sexual life in every family.

Why does my wife refuse to have sex with me?

Why do wives lose interest in having sex with their men? How some insignificant problems increase the distance between partners? What are the reasons behind this unexpected remoteness? Of course, this scenario is not as common as may seem – most families overcome such occasional periods of intensified tension and reduced sexual interest without any long-term consequences. Continue reading “Why does my wife refuse to have sex with me?”

How to Bring Affection Back into Relationships

There can be many things in common with your spouse or partner, including ideas, views, favorite meals, movies, etc. However, you may still need to bring more affection and tenderness into your relationship. The main reason is that all people express and view love in different ways, but they all like holding hands, hugging, and touching because they feel happy. What to do? How to return tenderness to a relationship? Try doing the following: Continue reading “How to Bring Affection Back into Relationships”

Sexual Relationships after 50

As people age, there are certain conditions or medications that may put a damper on their sexual performance and drive, but it’s important to have healthy sexual relationships in a family even if you’re over 50 years old. The good news is that it’s still possible to enjoy regular sex after 50. All you need to do is follow a few helpful guidelines. Continue reading “Sexual Relationships after 50”

Male Menopause: How to Survive and Preserve Family

Despite the condition is more typical of women, men also experience the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Still, there are various medical debates, considering the notion and its name. A considerable number of medical specialists are convinced that hormone therapy with testosterone is an exclusive solution of the existing male menopause. Continue reading “Male Menopause: How to Survive and Preserve Family”

Absence of Intimacy Can Lead to Divorce

For an overwhelming majority of married couples, it is obvious that lack of sexual intimacy can ruin relations. Here we will find out the importance of sex in the family life and its lack as the main cause or relationship disorders. The statistics claim that reasons for getting divorced can be numerous, with the most common still being: Continue reading “Absence of Intimacy Can Lead to Divorce”

Ways to Preserve Romance in Marriage

Irrespective of the time you have been married, the relations and attitudes tend to decreaseб and it can appear that you find your relations lost after some time. However, it is not a reason to despair and lose hope. The modern world offers a great number of effective ways to relax, spend great time and restore your passion. Continue reading “Ways to Preserve Romance in Marriage”

Pay Attention to Each Other to Preserve Durable Relationships

Mutual understanding, care, love and appreciation are the most important components of a successful and long-lasting marriage. Couples with many years of marital experience can prove that everything is not about sex. In many instances, psychological and emotional intimacy are the things that spouse lack. Continue reading “Pay Attention to Each Other to Preserve Durable Relationships”

Things Males Are Afraid to Admit to the Wives

Mutual trust, support and understanding, along with many other features, are inevitable for the success of the relationship. At the same time, the slightest fear or feeling of guilt can completely ruin your life, both emotional and sexual. According to the results of recent research, over 70% of males are afraid to talk about their problems. However, admitting the issue is halfway to its treatment. Continue reading “Things Males Are Afraid to Admit to the Wives”