Richard Tylor-Walker M.D.

Richard Tylor-Walker is doctors-urologist from Canada. In his blog and on the pages of his website, he speaks about the problems of erectile dysfunction, which affects more and more men younger than 40. Though he has started, so to say, his enlightening job alone, now he is a leader of a highly motivated team of people who want to increase the awareness of men and women about sexual health.

Doctor Tylor-Walker was born in 1984 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a child, Richard was interested in biology and when he got older, it gave him the understanding of what he wanted to be in his future career. In 2001 he entered the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. After graduation in 2006, Richard Tylor-Walker started his career as a general practitioner at Foothills Medical Center situated in his native city.

Years of work with people let him see the patients with numerous health issues. However, he was greatly surprised by the number of men who turned to the doctors because of the troubles with getting and sustaining an erection. Furthermore, the percent of men younger than 40 years old who suffer from erectile dysfunction was also astonishing.

Such issues do not appear out of the blue, in most cases. However, negative tendencies among young men made doctor Tylor-Walker understand that this problem must be spoken about. The development of social networks gave him a possibility to raise this question for a broader auditory of people than he could ever imagine. Doctor Richard Tylor-Walker started his own blog on Twitter where he wrote about the causes, possible ways of treatment, and prevention of poor sexual health in males.

As the popularity of his blog grew, he started receiving more and more questions from the men who were interested in the subject. At that moment the doctor understood that he needed to improve his knowledge so he took a course in urology at his alma mater.

On completion of the training, Richard Tylor-Walker gathered a team of like-minded people and started a new project – his personal website about man’s health. Besides, he became an active blogger and got his YouTube channel. The topic, Dr. Tylor-Walker speaks about, turned out to be rather interesting so the number of his followers grows in geometric progression.

By his activity, Dr. Richard Tylor-Walker proved that even such an awkward topic as erectile dysfunction should be discussed to help men understand how to prevent such kind of problems or how to treat them in case they’ve already appeared.

Dr. Tylor-Walker is a loving husband and a father to three children. He continues part-time work at the hospital, leads his blogs and writes for his website. By the way, it is absolutely free from ads and sale offers. Doctor Tylor-Walker doesn’t cooperate with any sponsors. His website is financed by the optional membership of people who coped with their problems thanks to the advice of Dr. Richard Tylor-Walker.