Why Men Love Apcalis-SX (And You May Love It, Too!)

The joy of intimate life is one of the most important components of male adult life. However, apart from a natural desire to have quality sexual relations, the outer factors dictate their own rules of game. Poor ecology, constant stress, frantic pace of modern life oftentimes results in various sexual dysfunctions. Therefore, the pharmaceutical world is expected to offer more products designed to solve these problems quickly and diligently, as millions hope to return to the opportunity to live a full life, rejoice and delight their beloved ones. And it does. Fortunately, a decent drug panacea to many problems exists.

One of these drugs is generic Apcalis-SX developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Ltd. Order ApcalisIts popularity led to global distribution that is represented by an ability to purchase Apcalis 20 mg in 25 countries around the world, and the geography is expanded further. Being a solid global manufacturer, Ajanta Pharma Limited, running a network of research laboratories, has confirmed its status with an approval granted by the US industry experts, which is another guarantee of its high effectiveness and safety.

How does Apcalis-SX work?

Apcalis-SX is a generic drug produced according to the formula of the original Cialis. The company takes an advantage of the ready formula: neither does it invest money in researches nor in testing, development of production technology, brand promotion and so on. Therefore, generics are much cheaper than the originals and are readily available to the widest possible audience of consumers. In this case, if the copy was made by a reliable manufacturer, it is not inferior to the originals in effectiveness, quality and safety.

Apcalis-SX typically comes in 20 mg dosage and is a generic version of Cialis. The medication is known to be one of the best choices when it comes to tadalafil generic options. The drug is produced with the help of the same chemical formula and is composed of the same active ingredient – Tadalafil. The effectiveness and properties are identical to the original. Similarly, the drug begins acting in about 40 minutes after the intake, maintaining the effect within up to 36 hours. The fact should be underlined that Cialis (and Apcalis-SX accordingly) offers the most prolonged effect. Therefore, if you are not looking for that long effect, you’d better consider Vardenafil-based preparations that offer 4-8-hour effect.

The maximum concentration of tadalafil in plasma occurs after 2 hours after the intake. Given the prolonged impact, the reception frequency should not exceed one hour in 24 hours. One of the main advantages of the drug is that it is fully compatible with food and small amounts of alcohol, which is often preceded by sexual pleasure. Tadalafil is effective for erectile dysfunction of any degree of severity and any cause: physiological, psychological and mixed.
The substance rarely causes side effects. Its safety is confirmed by a wide array of clinical trials, so Apcalis-SX is available without prescription at online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies. However, before you purchase the drug and start the course, you’d better consult your doctor to learn which contraindications apply to you.

Apcalis-SX pharmacological action

generic tadalafil 20mgThe active substance relaxes and widens the blood vessels and erectile tissues of the penis, preparing the free flow of blood to them, thus, increasing the blood flow to the pelvic organs. The result is a high-quality and stable erection. Moreover, the mechanism of action of tadalafil is only activated in the presence of natural sexual arousal. It stimulates natural processes, without replacing it.
After ejaculation a sexual organ returns to its normal state. The process is impacted by a special substance produced by the body – PDE-5. Tadalafil delays its production, contributing to prolonged erection. The process of delaying has a positive effect on the sexual intercourse in general: it becomes longer and more vivid. What’s important, the time to restore sexual performance is also significantly reduced.

How to take Apcalis-SX properly

tadalafil over the counterApcalis-SX is typically available in a wide range of dosages and forms. However, the most widespread form is pills, containing 20 mg of active substance. Numerous trials have confirmed that 20 mg dose is the optimum for a majority of men from 18 to 70. If you are using the drug for the first time, you’d better pick up a smaller dose – 10 mg, gradually increasing it to 20 mg. In order to establish the correct dose and avoid the appearance of side effects and symptoms of overdose check with your doctor to pick up the required amount of the active ingredient. The drug dosage is recommended to be received 30-40 minutes before an anticipated intercourse; however, the reaction is very individual, so it may take some time to figure out the optimal timing. The pills are taken with plenty of water.
Apcalis-SX is also available in the form of jelly. This convenient form makes it absolutely easy to consume the necessary dosage without water. The amount of active ingredient is identical to the one in conventional pills and equals 20 mg.

Why Apcalis Oral Jelly Is Better than Other Forms

If you like the effects of taking standard Apcalis, but you don’t like the idea of taking pills, then Apcalis Oral Jelly is your perfect solution. There are many patients who agree that swallowing tablets is a thing of the past.

What You Should Know about Apcalis Oral Jelly

cialis jelly reviewsBasically, it’s a great version of standard Apcalis made by a credible manufacturer that contains the same active ingredient – Tadalafil. The main reason why more and more patients are switching to this form is that it provides them with the same effect, but it starts working much faster. It takes even less than 15 minutes for Apcalis Oral Jelly to start acting. This medication comes wrapped in a convenient sachet, so that you can easily fit it in your pocket or wallet. To start using it you only need to tear off its corner and draw the jelly out. Another great thing is that it comes in fruit flavors that you will definitely like.

Main Benefits of Taking Apcalis Oral Jelly

There are many reasons why you should switch to this medication, such as the following:

  1. It improves the blood flow into penile issues, thus, providing you with better and stronger erections.
  2. You can benefit from shorter reaction time compared to standard pills because it takes only 15 minutes for this jelly to start working.
  3. Its effect can last up to 36 hours.
  4. This Apcalis form is handier and more comfortable to use.
  5. Its consumption is made easier because it’s available as a fruit-flavored jelly.
  6. You don’t have to plan your sexual activity in advance.

How Apcalis Oral Jelly Functions

Keep in mind that this medication belongs to a class of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. It works by relaxing muscles and improving the blood flow into penile areas, so that it offers an effective solution to those men who have certain erectile problems. Its intake allows you to improve your erections.

How should it be used? The good news is that this process is quite simple because the only thing that you should do is swallow Apcalis Oral Jelly around 15 minutes before your sexual intercourse. Besides, it’s possible to squeeze this jelly into a table spoon, or you can mix it with any juice you prefer, so that its use is quite straightforward.

Effects and Doses of Cialis and Apcalis

For men who have erectile dysfunction, or impotence, you need to know how to treat this medical condition properly and effectively. You can find a variety of medications designed to help you achieve this goal, but they may differ. That’s why it’s necessary to know how to choose the right one. Which one is better: Cialis or Apcalis?

cialis apcalis sx 20 mg

Everything about the Action of Apcalis

Basically, it’s a generic version of tadalafil used by many men to solve their erectile problems. Just like other PDE-5 inhibitors, this medication works by boosting the blood flow into penile areas when men are stimulated, thus, providing them with harder and better erections.

Another similarity with famous Cialis is that Apcalis is taken when needed (before your planned sexual intercourse) and its effectiveness lasts up to 36 hours. The main difference is that it’s less expensive because its price doesn’t include any marketing and other running costs. You need to take Apcalis according to all the recommendations 30 minutes before your planned sexual activity. It’s available as standard pills that contain 20 mg of its active ingredient.

What about Cialis?

You may have heard about this ED medication, and it’s a brand version of Tadalafil approved by the FDA to treat impotence. When shopping for it, both online and offline, you can find this medicine in a variety of strengths, from 2.5 mg to 200 mg. This means that every man can choose the most suitable dosage based on his needs and individual response.

Most doctors recommend their patients to start with a lower dose and increase it gradually when needed. Cialis should be taken on-demand, but it’s not allowed to take more than one dose a day to avoid unwanted adverse reactions.

This medication is famous for its long-lasting action because the effects of its intake may last up to 36 hours, but it works only when combined with enough sexual stimulation.

Cialis is notable for its long duration of action. The effect of one tablet may last for up to 36 hours, during which you may choose the moment that’s best for you and your partner. This drug functions by helping blood vessels in penile areas to relax allowing more blood to flow into this organ. Both options are quite lucrative for male patients.

Why Apcalis-SX Is Effective when Treating ED

The joy of sexual experiences is one of the key elements of men’s adult lives, but there are different factors that may affect their natural desire. For example, their erections can be influenced by regular stress, poor ecology, personal problems, and other factors that lead to the development of specific sexual dysfunctions. The great news is that men can use special pharmaceutical products to solve their erectile problems fast and effectively. Before buying Apcalis-SX, there is one common question asked by male patients. Is it really effective to treat erectile dysfunction? Basically, it’s a fast-acting ED medication that helps impotent men to get and maintain their long erections, and its effectiveness is proven by many tests and positive customer feedbacks.

Effectiveness of Apcalis-SX

This medicine is proven to improve erectile functions in most users, regardless of whether they suffer from severe, moderate or mild forms. Apcalis-SX provides incredible promises and satisfactory results according to reliable clinical trials, and its intake can help men improve their self-confidence and sexual abilities with its power to give strong and hard erections that provide users with their ultimate satisfaction during sexual activities. It also allows men to respond to their partners when needed, and this fresh and effective ED medication works for a long time because it stays in the organism for about 36 hours, so that getting and keeping erections within this period is quite easy.

Effectiveness of Apcalis-SX

Relevant Information about Apcalis-SX

How does it compare to other ED meds? It’s another popular question asked by men interested in the effectiveness of Apcalis-SX in treating erectile dysfunction. As an example, if to compare it with Viagra, the most important thing is that this medicine works faster than Viagra and stays in the body for longer, thus, allowing users to choose the best moment for their sexual intercourse.

In terms of extensive research on effectiveness of Apcalis-SX to treat ED, it has shown that this medication is excellent and suitable to treat this condition among men all over the world. Its intake can help patients restore their lost family or relationship glories by enhancing the natural functioning of male organs. Other benefits of using Apcalis-SX include its faster absorption and fewer side effects compared to other available ED solutions.

In conclusion, its intake is associated with improved sexual performance, quality standards, effectiveness and longer lasting erections. It’s a great generic medication designed to treat male impotence, or ED, in a convenient and effective manner, but men should understand that Apcalis-SX is a temporary relief, not a magic pill to get rid of their erectile problems.