Marijuana in ED treatment: a brief analysis

Nowadays, the social convention towards such a popular recreational substance as marijuana shifted from the point of utter disregard to the point of expressed interest. A large number of clinical studies prove that Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol works as a versatile therapeutic agent because of the wide representation of ECS receptors in the human body. For instance, a recent placebo controlled study conducted in the U.K. suggests a 40% smoking reduction in the treatment group of patients that have been using cannabis when compared to the standard group. However, the issue is still overgrown with cultural myths the correctness of which is surely questionable. So, are there any clinical studies proving its effectiveness in ED therapy?

A great many issues concerning the use of marijuana in ED patients is not fully answered. Firstly, there is no clinical evidence indicating that marijuana provides a significant therapeutic effect in the ED treatment. The substance causes general muscle relaxation, which is good for achieving an erection and may be beneficial in the context of long-term use. However, the immediate effect of cannabis on the maintenance of erection is found to be equal to the effect provided by the placebo.

Secondly, marijuana is mostly used for its recreational effect. While it is true that this action has significant positive effect on ED caused by a variety of psychosomatic conditions, the direct correlation is unknown. Moreover, while this substance has no effect on ED caused by physiological problems its use in such a condition is equivocal, since it may cause depression as well as desired recreation.

In addition, men tend to be 400% more susceptible to the neurosis caused by drug abuse. It is also reported that 62% of cannabis users eventually have some experience with more harmful drugs (cocaine, in this case). Therefore, the use of cannabis alone in the ED therapy may be advisable, in any way, only under the care of a professional physician.

Interactions of relaxants (marijuana) and Cialis

Being a highly efficient ED therapeutic agent, Cialis provides a clinically significant and scientifically proven effect applied in treatment of most cases of ED, including even severe conditions. The drug is also highly tolerable, as it provides no harmful effects in elderly patients and supports use on a regular basis. For marijuana lovers, such a good tolerability means less physiological interaction between effects of the active substance and those of marijuana.

Cannabis is an inhibitor of the cytochrome P450, which means that it affects the same isoenzyme pathway that is altered by Generic Cialis. Consequently, the substance may increase the beneficial effect provided by a clinically approved drug.

This medication is not likely to cause any serious health damage in cannabis users, especially when the medication is administrated in full compliance with the physician’s prescription and marijuana is not abused. However, the clinical value of this approach is not confirmed. In general, vasodilators have a positive effect in the ED therapy; in this case, nevertheless, there is no evidence of their therapeutic synergy.
Considering the above, is it dangerous to use cannabis and Cialis simultaneously? From the scientific viewpoint, the probability of danger is minimal. Does this approach have any other effect to offer except the psychological one? As has been mentioned, the clinical efficiency of this combination is not found – which means that you should consult your physician prior to introducing the weed into your ED course.