Cialis and Extensive Physical Activity

Why Cialis patients should observe care with active exercises? Basically, the issue arises in connection with the prolonged effect of this drug as compared to, for example, Viagra. While Sildenafil demonstrates a quite short duration of action (up to 4 hours), the ED patient, normally, has no need to care about possible physiological interactions. At the same time, Cialis tends to affect the functioning of your body for a period of up to 36 hours.

What this means for the ED sufferer is that their organism becomes able to respond to erotic stimuli with erection during these 36 hours. However, in people with cardiovascular problems, this very state poses an additional risk for stroke or cardiac arrest. Adding strenuous exercises, in this case, would mean an extra load on your circulatory system, which could result in lasting damage to your body and even prove fatal. That is why ED patients should always visit a doctor before embarking on any kind of ED treatment.

However, if you have no contraindications to using Cialis, you might even enjoy some benefits when combining this treatment with sports. Sportsmen who used Tadalafil reported on how the drug made them tire slower and provided them with less pronounced muscle pain than usual.

Cialis and its effect on ROS levels

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced in great quantities during physical exercise and their uncontrolled accumulation can result in painful tissue injuries. In healthy clinical subjects, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i) showed protective action aimed at diminishing oxidative stress. While we still know little about long-term impact of PDE5i on exercise-induced oxidative damage, several studies point toward the fact that their inhibitive action increases the body’s resistance to ROS.

Specifically, one double-blind crossover study conducted on males in good physical shape strove to evaluate the effect of Cialis on oxidative muscle damage. According to the trial’s conditions, each participant took two pills – either tadalafil with a daily dose of 20 mg or placebo – before getting involved in vigorous exercise. The treatment continued for two weeks, with the volunteers repeating the two-pill dose every 36 hours. After this, the respondents got crossed over to ensure a more complete picture in the upshot.


The collected blood samples showed a significant increase in such stress-indicating substances as malondialdehyde, glutathione, lactate dehydrogenase, and creatine kinase in the placebo cohort. While this is a standard physiological reaction to exhaustive physical activity, the same conditions actually resulted in smaller shift of these biochemical parameters in the Cialis cohort.

Does this mean that sportsmen always experience less muscle pain when staying on Cialis? Doctors say that it is not necessarily so, as each person has their individual pain sensitivity. Still, the inhibiting activity of the main substance in Cialis indeed increases the antioxidant capacity of your body when you are resting from exercise.

Is there a chance to boost further the positive effects of ED drugs, like this one? While you should remember not to abuse your ED pills, your body could use some dietary and lifestyle adjustments from the side while you are on Cialis. First of all, remember to not overdo with exercising and give your muscles enough time to rest. Also, don’t forget that sex, too, could mean a lot of physical activity, so plan your training loads accordingly. Finally, to help your body do away with oxidative stress, doctors recommend eating foods rich in antioxidants.