About Author Doctor Sonja Fischer

The name of Sonja Fischer became recognizable for a lot of people interested in health and male health, in particular, several years ago when she started her own website-blog. At first, she hesitated about her initiative, yet when the number of her readers started to grow daily, Dr. Fischer understood that the chosen topic was really bothering for many people.

What is her blog about you would ask? It’s about the male sexual dysfunctions and male health on the whole. It’s rather interesting to read about the thoughts and recommendations of a woman concerning such an awkward area of health. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why her blog is so popular.

Doctor Sonja Fischer was born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1985. She grew a curious girl but, in fact, the bulk of her interests were concentrated around biology and natural sciences. Being successful in her studies since the early years, she succeeded in entering the Matura (a stage of education in Switzerland, which gives the right to become a University student).

In 2005, Sonja Fischer became a student of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne, which enters 300 world’s best universities list. In 2011 she got her Master of Science in Medicine degree.

The same year she started her medical practice at the local Clinique Bois-Cerf as a specialist in urology. From the first days of her work, she understood that her choice was right and male health and urology were the exact areas where she wanted to develop her professional skills. Yet after two years of work, Dr. Fischer started seeking some new knowledge and experience. That’s why she moved to Basel where she joined the Urology Department of the Universitätsstipal Basel.

Years of work with people gave her the understanding of poor knowledge of people concerning their intimate health. In most cases, those were men who had some problems (either poor erection or premature ejaculation) but didn’t want to let anyone, even a doctor, know about them.

One of such patients has become a trigger for doctor Sonja Fischer to start her “enlightenment” blog. “My goal is to tell men and women about some serious and difficult things in a manner that would be light and easy to understand. I want them to care about their sexual health because it is as important as any other system in the human body.” – she says.

Starting a blog was not difficult, yet it was a bit of a challenge to make people know about it. Activeness on the social networks did a great job in advertising doctor Fischer’s blog. Instagram and Twitter became the other platforms for expressing for thoughts and getting feedback from her subscribers. Thus, she can see the reaction of people to the topics appearing on the blog.

Dr. Sonja Fischer speaks not only about male sexual health but also gives advice concerning contraception and men-and-women-relations. Yet, she hasn’t stopped on blogs. YouTube has become one more place where you can enjoy the company of doctor Fischer.

Even though at the beginning her online activity was just a hobby, now it is a serious and significant part of Sonja Fisher’s life. Nevertheless, she hasn’t stopped her doctor’s practice as her patients are her main motivators. She is still working at the Universitätsstipal Basel and does her best to make people healthy.