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Here you’ll get to know about the latest news on overall health, erectile dysfunction, male reproductive health, premature ejaculation, prostate problems. Besides, you’ll keep abreast of the newest developments and trends in the treatment of male health issues.

A Recent Research: Vascular Health Depends on the Quality of Sleep

Numerous clinical studies and researches reveal the harmful influence of insufficient hours of sleep on the human cardiovascular system. The major problem, which is provoked by too little night rest is high blood pressure. Besides, inflammation of endothelium is also common among people who lack good sleep. Endothelium is an inner lining of the blood vessels. Its inflammation leads to increased risks for coronary artery disease. Continue reading “A Recent Research: Vascular Health Depends on the Quality of Sleep”

Prolactin test: why is it needed?

Despite prolactin is mainly associated with lactation, its small amounts are normally present in the human organism regardless of sex. This hormone is mainly needed for the production of breast milk and maternal instinct in pregnant and nursing women.

Speaking about men, this hormone affects the production of testosterone, male libido and sperm production. Hence, even slight changes in the levels of prolactin may significantly reflect on the male sexual function. Continue reading “Prolactin test: why is it needed?”

The scientists have figured out what food products can protect from heart disease

Heart disease is a prevailing cause of death in the United States. The statistic is very sad because 610,000 of people die of these illnesses. More than 50% of them are men. Due to these frightening figures, the studies on the ways of heart disease prevention never stop.

The Guardian has published the results of the studies conducted by the scientists of MacMaster University, Canada. Continue reading “The scientists have figured out what food products can protect from heart disease”

Diabetes and Accompanying Ailments

Diabetes is a serious condition that often leads to different ailments that develop gradually. The longer people have it and the less controlled their blood sugar, the higher this risk. Some accompanying diseases can even be disabling and dangerous.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Diabetes increases the risk of different heart problems, such as heart attacks, coronary artery disease with angina, atherosclerosis, and stroke. Continue reading “Diabetes and Accompanying Ailments”

Male Contraceptives: Myths and Facts

It is common to think that birth control is the obligation of a woman. Females should warn pregnancy with the help of effective and up-to-date methods, including medications, condoms, etc. However, in the modern world, the notion of male contraceptives becomes ultimately popular. People start taking various remedies that turn off sperm production. Additionally, androgen replacement gels work the same way. Continue reading “Male Contraceptives: Myths and Facts”

Excluding Meat Negatively Influences Male Potency

According to the medical information, impotence or erectile dysfunction is the condition, which is defined as a complication in a male inability to gain and hold an erection, sufficient for an effective and satisfactory sexual intercourse. The condition can have a range of triggers, which start from anxiety, depression and low spirits and up to serious underlying health complications. Continue reading “Excluding Meat Negatively Influences Male Potency”

Red Wine Can Improve Male Health

One of the most recent medical studies was aimed at setting the connection between male health and alcohol. Irrespective of the common opinion that any type of alcohol can decrease male erectile functioning and trigger devastating impacts on other aspects of life, the results of the study showed that reasonable use of red wine can activate beneficial influences on male health and stimulate better functions, especially: Continue reading “Red Wine Can Improve Male Health”