Correlation between diabetes and ED

Despite the fact that the incidence of both ED and diabetes in modern society is extremely high, most patients neglect the correlation between these illnesses. This problem is especially serious for those men who prefer one-dose treatment with Cialis ignoring the cumulative effect of diabetes on their health. Each disease affects more than 150 million men worldwide. Thus, when diagnosed with one of these severe illnesses, the patient should always start with the question: how does one problem influence the other?

So, what are the known correlations between type 1 or type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction? The available data indicates that almost 75% of med with either type of diabetes experience ED with various degrees of severity, episodically or on a regular basis. How dangerous is the influence of diabetes on the development of ED? Well, according to the conclusions based on the available clinical studies, half of the population of men with type 1 diabetes tend to develop some form of ED during the period of 10 years since the beginning of the illness.

Whereas the correlation between the interconnected developments of these diseases is well-established, not all of the exact pathways linking one condition to the other are known. In general, diabetes leads to the development of cardiovascular problems that may block the erectile response of even lead to serious ED.

In addition, the known interconnections between these health problems are not limited to the increased incidence of ED in patients suffering from diabetes. From the clinical viewpoint, ED may be regarded as a conclusive symptom of diabetes. Does the development of ED always indicate diabetes? No, of course not. However, according to the 5-years clinical study, ED may be considered a significantly predictive of poor glycemic control. Thus, the symptomatic approach to the ED treatment in the absence of the established causation of disease should be avoided by all means in order not only to overcome troubles with the erectile response but also to make sure you are not missing the development of another temporally camouflaged illness.

Efficacy of Generic Cialis in diabetes patients

The efficiency of Generic Cialis has been studied in a significant number of clinical studies conducted in more than 20 countries throughout the last ten years. The obtained results allow us to provide several reliable conclusions. Firstly, the safety of the medication has been established, which means that it can be used in various dosages (ranging from 10 mg to 40 mg) in men with diabetes. Secondly, the medication is well-tolerable and provides a significant clinical effect. However, the use of Generic Cialis in such patients require not only additional medical control but also the involvement of diabetes therapy.

In other words, is Cialis effective in ED treatment of patients with diabetes? Yes, it certainly is. Does Generic Cialis guarantee the successful elimination of ED symptoms regardless of the results of the diabetes treatment? No, it generally does not. Overall, when administrated as prescribed without restrictions on food, Cialis significantly enhances normal erectile function even in men with diabetes. However, when it comes to long-term consequences, the medication should be used as a supportive therapeutic agent simultaneously with clinical approaches aimed the decrease of the severity of diabetes.