Sexual Health

In this category you can get acquainted with the causes and factors of risk for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, psychological impotence. Furthermore, here you’ll find the information concerning the prophylaxis and most effective methods of treatment of male sexual health problems.

Ejaculatory Delay: Causes And Cialis Therapy

Delayed ejaculation: what is it and what causes it?

Delayed ejaculation is a common disorder of the orgasmic phase, although less frequent than premature ejaculation: the delay of the ejaculatory act, therefore of the emission of sperm from the penis, results in a recurrent orgasmic referral that, often, degenerates in a real anorgasmia (inability to reach the pinnacle of pleasure). Continue reading “Ejaculatory Delay: Causes And Cialis Therapy”

From Early Diagnosis To Cancer Treatment: The Benefits Of ED Pills

Prevention of male sexual health passes through palpation or self-palpation of the testicles. A simple gesture to carry out that could save the lives of many people, even young people. Testicular cancer affects men between 15 and 45 years of age and in recent years has recorded a 12% increase with an estimated increase of 30% by 2025. Fortunately, its mortality rate is rather low, maximum 20 %, but it could contain even more if we managed to get a clear and precise message about the need to prevent the disease. Continue reading “From Early Diagnosis To Cancer Treatment: The Benefits Of ED Pills”

Common dangers of the inactive lifestyle

According to the statistical evidence gathered worldwide, at least 25% of all people lead an inactive lifestyle. The recent clinical observations conducted in 28 EU member countries demonstrates that almost 19% of all volunteers involved in the research tend to spend eight hours per day sitting. It is also reported that a range of diverse health conditions, such as diabetes, different cardiovascular disorders, and obesity, are directly associated with a lack of physical activity. Continue reading “Common dangers of the inactive lifestyle”

Never Underestimate Varicocele If You Want To Prevent ED

Varicocele is a varicose dilation of the veins in the scrotum. The testicles receive blood from the testicular artery which is located inside the abdomen; the blood is then transported away through a series of small veins located in the scrotum (pampiniform plexus). From here the blood flows back into the internal spermatic vein (testicular vein), which in turn transports the blood back to the heart through the vena cava to the heart. Continue reading “Never Underestimate Varicocele If You Want To Prevent ED”

Yoga classes stimulate and improve the sexual function

The popularity of yoga classes is on its peak, and it’s no wonder because this ancient praxis can really make your life better. It is especially true when it comes to sexual health. By doing different asanas, you stimulate different groups of muscles, improve the circulation of blood in the sex organs, and learn to feel and control your own body. Continue reading “Yoga classes stimulate and improve the sexual function”

Hobbies that can improve your sex life after 40

For some people crossing the age of 40 means the beginning of getting aged. Yet, your age shouldn’t influence the way you feel and, what is more important, the way you perform in bed. To be able to stay sexually strong and attractive to your better half, you’d better get some new, useful hobbies. Here is a list of the best hobbies to take up after 40 to stay perfect in bed. Continue reading “Hobbies that can improve your sex life after 40”