Sexual Health

In this category you can get acquainted with the causes and factors of risk for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, psychological impotence. Furthermore, here you’ll find the information concerning the prophylaxis and most effective methods of treatment of male sexual health problems.

Yoga classes stimulate and improve the sexual function

The popularity of yoga classes is on its peak, and it’s no wonder because this ancient praxis can really make your life better. It is especially true when it comes to sexual health. By doing different asanas, you stimulate different groups of muscles, improve the circulation of blood in the sex organs, and learn to feel and control your own body. Continue reading “Yoga classes stimulate and improve the sexual function”

Hobbies that can improve your sex life after 40

For some people crossing the age of 40 means the beginning of getting aged. Yet, your age shouldn’t influence the way you feel and, what is more important, the way you perform in bed. To be able to stay sexually strong and attractive to your better half, you’d better get some new, useful hobbies. Here is a list of the best hobbies to take up after 40 to stay perfect in bed. Continue reading “Hobbies that can improve your sex life after 40”