Tadalafil Side Effects

side effects of Tadalafil tablets Tadalafil is an effective and time-tested medication, which is classified as a PDE 5 inhibitor. It is offered under various brand names, with the most popular being Cialis. However, due to the high cost of brand erectile dysfunction treatment, a considerable number of patients prefer its generic version. The cost of such medication can be up to several times lower. Additionally, generic Tadalafil is offered mainly online, which means you can get the desired treatment with extra convenience and without prescription.

Apart from all the advantages of such experience, there are also a few risks. The most significant is a chance to experience misuse or overuse complications. As online pharmacies do not require a prescription, a patient can choose any dosing, as well as other specifications of the drug and suffer from misuse outcomes. On the other hand, over 90% of online drugstores have professional medical support service that is aimed at providing the customer with qualified medical help in search of proper treatment, its strength, and similar peculiarities. Additionally, reading and following the safety directions, mentioned in the safety leaflet, will help you prevent abnormalities and other generic Cialis side effects.

Tadalafil and Alcohol

Tadalafil is not approved for patients, who are sensitive to its components or other erectile dysfunction medications. Doctor’s consultation is inevitable for patients, who are diagnosed with serious accompanying or underlying health disorders. Life-threatening side effects can appear in case Tadalafil is administered together with other medications, especially:

  • Nitrate drugs;
  • Hypertension treatments;
  • Antivirals;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Other impotence pills;
  • Seizure medications and others.

Exceptional dose adjustment may be required for patients, who experience symptoms of the following disorders:

  • Angina;
  • Abnormal blood pressure;
  • Heart-related impairments;
  • Recent history of stroke or heart attack;
  • Blood cell disorders;
  • Stomach ulcers;
  • Priapism and others.

Additionally, devastating complications and side effects of Tadalafil tablets can be caused by its combination with alcohol. If low doses of alcohol work fine with erectile dysfunction treatment, a considerable amount of alcohol will aggravate your overall health state, launching a range of complications.

Seek emergency medical assistance the moment generic Tadalafil has triggered serious health problems, especially:

  • Symptoms of allergic reactions;
  • Signs of heart attack;
  • Vision impairments or even sudden vision loss;
  • Painful erection or priapism;
  • Lightheadedness, confusion and excessive weariness;
  • Hearing disorders, etc.

Apart from severe, life-threatening reactions, Tadalafil can launch a range of minor to moderate disorders, including muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, headache, stuffy nose, ache in arms or legs and others. You need to contact your medical specialist the moment you have noticed any of these symptoms. If not managed, some of them can lead to further worsening and development of more serious health concerns. Your doctor can occasionally change generic Tadalafil dose to guarantee better effects and higher safety level.