Tadalafil Reviews

Tadalafil is my best helper when it comes to sex. I don’t know what I would do without it! The drug works very fast and the effect lasts for almost three days so no need to worry that you have forgotten about the tablet.



I was prescribed Tadalafil for premature ejaculation two weeks ago. To tell you the truth, I was quite skeptical about the medication, which is mostly used for erectile dysfunction treatment, but I was wrong. Only after two weeks of treatment, I can see a significant improvement. Thank you!



My husband was greatly surprised when the doctor recommended me Tadalafil for pulmonary hypertension. He took this medication for his unstable erection and had no idea that it may be used in women. Now we both take the same drug but for different purposes, and both are satisfied with the results.

Mary Thompson


I take 5mg Tadalafil together with an antibiotic to treat chronic pelvic pain. It’s been only a couple of days since I have started the treatment but I can already feel the first results. First of all, I go to the bathroom rarer, and secondly, pain in my lower abdomen is not so annoying now.

Timothy S.


I’m in my late 60-s and I still want to have sex from time to time. Unfortunately, my male power left me about 7 years ago, but generic Tadalafil became a good substitution for it. I take 20 mg tablet about an hour before the intimacy and can enjoy the results for a couple of days. That’s great!



I suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia for half a year already. My doc offered trying Tadalafil and kill two birds with one shot, so to say because my abilities in bed have gotten worse too. As for now, I’m quite happy with the results. No side effects.

Mark Morris


I’m allergic to many drugs so it’s not easy for me to find the one, which won’t provoke any serious adverse effects. Tadalafil is good for me because I don’t have any side effects except for a slight headache. Yet, it’s such a trifle if compared to the chronic prostatitis symptoms.



A lifelong premature ejaculation has made me look for the treatment options that would help me deal with the issue. I have been taking Fluoxetine for several months and my doctor said that it would be good to add Tadalafil. Well, I can definitely last longer in bed if compared to the pretreatment period. Hope it will only get better.



My major problem is that I can’t breathe normally without taking Tadalafil. I have pulmonary arterial hypertension for quite a while and this drug is really helpful. It’s much easier to go up the stairs and be active on the whole when I’m on Tadalafil.

Julia Brown


I call myself “one in a million” because I can’t believe that I have been so “lucky” to get both premature ejaculation and ED. A Jackpot! Fortunately, I take Tadalafil. It helps both of my problems. No significant side effects. Only stuffy nose sometimes.