Tadalafil and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Thanks to the positive outcomes of numerous clinical trials, Tadalafil was allowed to be applied as a non-malignant prostate enlargement curing. The drug showed to be highly efficacious not only for managing problems in bed but also for improvement in the secondary signs of benign prostate enlargement.

What should be known about prostate enlargement?

Even knowing your diagnosis, you may not know some important details of your condition. If this is the case, we are ready to help you to fill in this “gap”.

The prostate is an organ in the male urinary system, which secrets male hormones and prostate fluid (a constituent of the male semen). Besides, excretion of the urine and the semen wouldn’t be possible without this organ. Hence, any problems with the prostate reflect on the male health condition.

As the men get older, the gland starts growing in the size, and benign prostatic hyperplasia appears. To its major symptoms belong:

  • Need to push or strain to start peeing;
  • Weak urine stream;
  • An intermittent stream of the urine;
  • Dribbling at the end of the urination;
  • Need to urinate too often.

In case the prostate got very big, men may experience difficulties with potency and have problems with ejaculation.

How does Tadalafil help benign prostatic hyperplasia?

In case you have recognized the signs of your disease, you may be interested in the benefits you’ll get from administering Tadalafil, aren’t you? Based on the numerous clinical trials and studies held on this matter, we may come to the conclusion that Tadalafil works well for diminishing the lower urinary tract symptoms. The efficacy of the preparation was measured with the help of the International Prostate Symptom Score.

In the clinical trials with a total of 281 participants (divided into two groups), it has been revealed that the IPSS grew by 2.8 in patients on Tadalafil compared to 1.2 in those taking placebo in six weeks only. It should also be mentioned that the results improved as the therapy was continued.

So, how does Tadalafil affect the symptoms of the disease? The preparation under consideration belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors. It works by inducing the production of nitric oxide in the muscles of the blood-vessel-walls and smooth muscles of the male urinary system. Consequently, Tadalafil helps to relax the muscles of the prostate thus easing the process of urination.

Besides, Tadalafil helps to sustain male ability to get and maintain a firm and lasting erection, which is quite common among those with prostate dysfunction. Clinical studies have also shown that the International Index of Erectile Function and IPSS has got significantly better in 56% of patients suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms and ED at the same time.

Tadalafil use

The application of the drug is possible for men with or without erection problems. The effective dose is 5mg of Tadalafil taken once a day. Food doesn’t have any influence on Tadalafil absorption from the gastric tract. Hence, you may take the medication regardless of foods.

The longer your therapy will last, the better results of treatment you may get. How long will Tadalafil positive effects continue? In general, you may forget about the benign prostatic hyperplasia for at least one year.

In case you already take alpha-blockers or male-hormone-inhibitors to deal with the prostate enlargement, talk to your doctor about the possibility of adding Tadalafil to your treatment plan. Never start the therapy without your doctor’s approval as Tadalafil may dangerously interact with the other remedies for BPH.