Sexual function disorder

The majority of men have sexual disorders. Most of them do not even know how to make themselves safe from the development of the severe dysfunctions.

You can read about the peculiarities and types of the sexual disorders in men on our site. Fresh news and articles about male sexual health regularly appear in this category, and you will find out about the most dangerous and unexpected pathologies in time. Forewarned is forearmed. That is why, a regular control of the sexual function health helps men to achieve a sexual longevity and be in a good shape.

How long should sex last?

If you ask a man in the street how long normal sexual intercourse should last, he would probably think of himself first, and then, tell a lie and add 10-15 minutes to the real numbers. Do you think the same? In fact, the bulk of men and women are not sure if their sexual intercourses last long enough. That’s why they tend to add a couple of minutes or so in order not to fail. Continue reading “How long should sex last?”

How does excessive weight affect the potency?

A discussion about the influence of obesity and excessive weight on the male ability to have sex lasts for long years. It is absolutely obvious and proven by the statistics that men with higher body mass indexes are more prone to evolving sexual dysfunction at any age. However, obesity cannot be called the cause of ED as it is more like a factor of risk for such health issues. Continue reading “How does excessive weight affect the potency?”

Erectile Dysfunction as a Sign Following Stroke or Heart Attack

While many people still consider difficulties gaining and holding an erection a mere sexual dysfunction, medical specialists warn people about possible heart complications. Problems gaining and keeping an erection are not a disorder in a common way, but it is usually about more serious health complications. Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction as a Sign Following Stroke or Heart Attack”

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Suppress Sexual Function

Painful sores, itching, unpleasant feelings and a range of other complications can be triggered by a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Additionally, the results of recent research have shown that such conditions can advance the risk of erectile dysfunction development. Generally, impotence is caused by psychological impairments, such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, self-unconfidence and others. Continue reading “Sexually Transmitted Diseases Suppress Sexual Function”

What Is Male Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of men to get and maintain erections firm enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Men may have erection problems occasionally, but if they become an ongoing issue, they start causing a lot of stress, relationship difficulties, and low self-confidence. In most cases, problems with keeping and getting erections are the signs of underlying conditions that should be treated. Continue reading “What Is Male Impotence?”

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

According to the medical information, over 80% of world male popularity has experienced the symptoms of erectile dysfunction at some point in the life. On average, the disorder is related to stress, anxiety and other psychological or emotional problems that launch dangerous symptoms. However, sometimes more serious health impairments can lead to long-lasting and difficult to manage disorders. Continue reading “Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction”

Key Types of Sexual Disorders in Males

Sexual life is an important part of a male’s life, so any impairment or disorder can considerably hit his psychological and physical health, preventing from a successful and pleasurable intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common and most unpleasant conditions that prevent males from excellent experience. The disorder interferes with the male ability to achieve and hold an erection for the sufficient time. Continue reading “Key Types of Sexual Disorders in Males”