Tadalafil And The Long-Term Effects Of Its Use

The popularity of tadalafil shows no sign of waning; the drug is easily the most popular ED solution administered orally. The big advantage of tadalafil today is that it is generic so it is cheaper. Many use it regularly, and even on daily basis – tadalafil is approved for posologic use in minor doses. However, when there is a question of using tadalafil outside of the physiological requirements, that is a professionally diagnosed ED, it transpires to an entirely different level. There is no danger in taking tadalafil regularly per se. There is a danger if you take tadalafil when you do not need it. This is a danger in terms of sexuality because it raises questions about why that person takes it when they does not need it. It will turn against the user one day or another, he will get frustrated because the performance will not be up to what he wants.

It should also be taken into account that these drugs also dilate the coronaries. It has been shown that they are good for the heart. Apart from contraindications that are quite rare, the drug is tested by patient-years and safe. The contraindications are: taking at the same time a drug for erection and a nitro derivative that is to say a drug for angina because it lowers blood pressure, and a heart is given so much pressure that every little physical activity can be fatal, let alone the vigorous workout the heart gets during lovemaking.

Some patients complain of a muscle ache or headache because they are taking a high dose before having sex. At lower doses, tadalafil does not give so much adverse experience. First of all, in case of side events a patient should be referred to a daily dose which is a lower dose. Other molecules can also be tried, they have less this kind of side effects. This is variable from one patient to another.

Tadalafil for daily use is an alternative therapeutic posology that is based on the accumulative effect of the

substance. When the patient is exposed to the effects of tadalafil in the amount of 5mg (a lower-end of the dosage spectrum which is safe and has minimal side effects), the health benefits pile up. It also leaves room for genuine spontaneity of the sexual life; the careful planning and anxiety are taken away from the equation. This in its turn lifts the pressure from the man affected by erectile trouble, and as we know, this pressure is often a part of the vicious cycle an ED patient finds himself trapped in. This cycle begins with the very first failure, and the next failure might be triggered by nothing other than the fear of a new fiasco.

Taking tadalafil daily creates the much-needed layer of safety and helps overcoming erectile difficulty on the psychological level (you can read more about performance anxiety and psychological ED resulting from it here).

To sum it up, the use of tadalafil on daily basis has been confirmed to have more benefits than eventual setbacks. It is, however, important to consult a specialist, andrologist or urologist, before proceeding with the therapy. Not everyone requires a daily dose of tadalafil; some will benefit from occasional use. The key here is to be guided by professional opinion.