Contrast Shower Improves Blood Circulation

Have you ever thought about alternation of hot and cold shower and its impact on health? The results of medical investigations will impress you much as following the results of recent studies, it is an excellent way to improve your health state and forget about nasty blood circulation problems. Definitely, the achievement of positive effects requires some knowledge, but, in general, it will not be difficult to fulfill.

Here are simple, but important rules of contrast shower:

  • Start with hot or warm shower and finish with cold;
  • Initial temperature differences should not be huge, start with 10 degrees Fahrenheit and advance up to 45;
  • Install a thermometer in your bathroom, so that you can track the temperature;
  • Getting used to contrast showering will take you a bit more than 10 days. They will start with 40 sec at 97 degrees followed by 20 seconds at 86 degrees. The procedure should be repeated twice or three times for the best effect. After several days, you can enhance the temperature difference and reach 45 degrees within 3-4 months.

The results of the experience, as well as body reaction on the temperature differences, can vary greatly, depending on individual health peculiarities, thus, you need to find an ideal variant for your instance and follow it.

Considering the beneficial influences contrast shower triggers, it is important to mention the following ones:blood circulation

  • Better alertness. Taking contrast shower in the morning fills the person with energy and alertness for the whole day. Shower advances oxygen consumption of the organism, triggering significant improvements;
  • Aids weight loss. The human organism contains two types of fat, which are burnt during exposure to considerable temperature changes;
  • Advances blood circulation and improves the overall immunity. Alternation of cold and hot water stimulates a better blood flow through the veins and arteries, balancing a range of important body functions. Thus, the procedure can manage some heart-related disorders, skin problems and other complications.

Rapid recovery, eased stress, decreased symptoms of depression and other advantageous influences can be achieved by regular contrast shower.