First Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience problems with their potency, and there are different factors that affect their male health. In some cases weak or absent erections are temporary, and this problem goes away on its own. In other cases, erectile dysfunction is fully formed and requires proper medical care and attention.

Early Symptoms of Male Impotence

When a natural erection doesn’t occur during normal sexual arousal, or men lack spontaneous erections at night and in the morning, it’s a clear sign that men need to see a doctor. If their spontaneous erections are present, but they have problems with natural erections, their erectile problems have a psychological origin.

Weak Erections

It’s worth mentioning that a decrease in the number of natural erections within a day and loss of penile elasticity during a sexual intercourse are the signs of organic male impotence caused by physical factors.

Premature Ejaculation

When ejaculation happens before a penis penetrates a vagina, this means that men have problems with blood vessels in this area. Sometimes, the use of special condoms with anesthetic can prevent it from happening.

Erectile Dysfunction and Its Types

All the cases of impotence can be categorized as psychological and organic based on the factors that cause them.

Signs of Psychogenic ED

Natural erections may go away because of non-physical factors. Erectile problems can be caused by different psychological barriers, depression, regular stress, anxiety, fears, conflicts, and others. Psychogenic male impotence is usually short-lived and unexpected. It’s necessary to eliminate its main causes, and erection problems will disappear. In this case, men experience spontaneous erections in the morning, but they don’t happen during sexual arousal.

Signs of Organic ED

When erectile dysfunction is caused by physiological factors, including alcoholism, the situation is completely different. Sexual function disorders appear regularly. This condition starts gradually, and it’s characterized by such early signs as an inability to perform well sexually and weakening erections.