Male Contraceptives: Myths and Facts

It is common to think that birth control is the obligation of a woman. Females should warn pregnancy with the help of effective and up-to-date methods, including medications, condoms, etc. However, in the modern world, the notion of male contraceptives becomes ultimately popular. People start taking various remedies that turn off sperm production. Additionally, androgen replacement gels work the same way. However, doctors and other medical specialists recommend avoiding non-FDA-approved methods of contraception, as they do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.

According to the medical information, the modern pharmaceutical sphere offers a wide range of contraceptives for both males and females. While some people are still rather critical about birth control, others are actively using various methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Here are several common misconceptions associated with male contraceptives:

  • If you withdraw before ejaculation, you completely eliminate the risk of pregnancy. The old and “working” method is not that perfect. The withdrawal method is not a guarantee of safe sex without further pregnancy. The main reason is hidden in the fact that an extremely excited man can still release fluid even without an orgasm. Clinically, it is known as pre-cum or pre-ejaculation fluid, as it contains sperm that can lead to pregnancy;
  • Condoms and pills are the only effective methods of contraception. With the development of the pharmaceutical sphere, there is an ultimate number of birth control solutions that remain effective. Despite these two methods are approved by time and appreciated by millions, innovative contraceptives can give even better results. The most spread male contraceptives include sterilization and condoms. However, among other methods, there are male pills, contraceptive injections and others.