Safest Ways of Contraception for Men

Considering contraception for men and women, it is necessary to mention a whole range of available options for females and limited variants for males. On average, all the possible birth control methods are restricted to vasectomy and condoms. However, the reality is different, and men can take the maximal advantage out of minimum 5 extra ways to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

According to the information offered by professional medical specialists, birth control pills are likely to solve all the existing problems associated with sex and its consequences. But, in fact, tablets may cause too many side effects and dangerous reactions to the organism, making this method unreliable. If conclude the desires and requirements of an overwhelming majority of men, quality contraceptives should be inexpensive, reversible, easy-to-use and 100% effective.

Even though the perfect option will differ from person to person, here you can find top 3 contraception methods, suiting your needs the most:

  • Vasalgel. This is one of the effective, non-surgical and reversible forms of vasectomy. Instead of cutting the deferens of the vas, special polymer gel blocks the sperm. The gel is injected into the exact area as vasectomy is done, but it can be easily reversed with another injection. The medication starts working 3-5 days after the injection is made, while the reversal process may take up to several months.
  • Hormonal gels are also available for males, who need temporary, but effective contraception. A unique combination of progestin/testosterone gels should be rubbed into the skin in order to inhibit sperm production. This method is completely safe, as normal sperm count gets balanced right after you stop using the gel.
  • Dry-orgasm pill. Tablets of this group are formulated based on the now-abandoned blood-pressure remedies. The solutions feature fast effect and hormone-free composition, which is exceptionally beneficial. The treatment shuts off the muscles, propelling semen, but it happens without inhibiting other parts of the sexual intercourse, especially orgasm. Due to its advantages and high safety levels, it is one of the most appreciated and reliable male contraception methods.