Urological conditions of men are pathological disorders of the sexual and urinary tract systems. Competency of urologists includes diagnostics and treatment of many diseases considering as “male” ones: inflammation of the prostatic gland, kidney diseases, inflammatory diseases of the urinary tracts, erectile dysfunction, cystitis, and others.

The treatment of the urological diseases is a primary task of every adult man because not only the functioning of the sexual system and erectile function, but also fertility of a man and kidney health depends on it.

When to Contact the Urologist

The urinary system includes bladder, urethra, kidneys and ureters. The main functions of the urinary tract include storing and expelling the urine. Additionally, the system balances the water and chemical store in the organism. Any abnormalities or disorders in the functioning of the urinary tract may lead to significant diseases and health abnormalities. The symptoms of the disorders vary in men and women. Continue reading “When to Contact the Urologist”