Key Types of Inflammatory Disorders of Male Reproductive System

Male reproductive system is a very complicated area, which is subjected to ultimate risk and negative influence these days. The number of inflammatory male disorders is constantly growing and hitting not only aged men but young adults, too.

The number of inflammatory impairments is ultimately high, but here are the most common and frequently reported conditions:

  • Prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate gland. The disorder is usually triggered by one of the microorganisms, which are brought into the body. The condition can be acute and chronic, but both can be successfully treated;
  • Balanitis – inflammation of the posthitis. The condition can be caused by the retention of bacteria and secretion beneath the foreskin. Proper hygiene and regular doctor’s consultations can prevent the condition occurrence;
  • Epididymitis – infection of the epididymis, which is a serious and exceptionally dangerous disorder that can result in sterility.

inflammatory disorders of male reproductive system

Typical Symptoms of Inflammatory Diseases

Despite a wide range of inflammatory disorders, which can bother an average man, the symptoms of the impairments related to the reproductive system are very similar. Each condition will have certain specifications and peculiar features, but most commonly, patients single out the following problems:

  • Chills or fever;
  • Urination disorders: painful urination, frequent urination, difficult urination and others;
  • Urethral discharge;
  • Bloody urination;
  • Severe body aches;
  • Rectal, lower back or abdominal pain;
  • Sex-related disorders, especially erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Depending on the overall health state and a range of other factors, including accompanying or underlying disorders and treatment courses, as well as susceptibility to the condition, its severity, symptoms, and route of development will vary greatly. Therefore, it is vital to discuss the condition with a qualified urologist the moment the first signs started bothering you.

Treatments and Ways to Balance the Disorder

It is necessary to mention that any inflammation, especially when it comes to the reproductive organs, is unpleasant, painful and dangerous. Therefore, you need to contact your medical specialist right the moment you have noticed any abnormalities related to the sexual sphere. Eliminate all the possible causes of the disorders and discuss the condition with a specialist. Timely treatment is always a way to prevention of the complications and elimination of existing problems.