What do White Spots on Testicles Mean?

The appearance of white spots may be worrying for men. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, they possess no harm and disappear on their own. In the rest of the situations, white spots on testicles may be the signs of developing some infection.

To understand the nature of these spots, you should have a closer look at them. Let’s loot through the major causes of appearance of white spots in the groin.

Ingrown hair

The growth of hair back into the hair follicle or under the skin surface is called ingrown hair. Irritation, which results from this process causes inflammation. It may look like white spots because of the pus filling these areas.

Ingrown hair doesn’t need any treatment. Besides, you shouldn’t try to pop the spots as it may only exacerbate the skin condition.


When the hair follicles in the groin become inflamed, folliculitis appears. This process may result from the fungal or viral infection that got into the hair follicle. It is usually harmless but may cause certain discomfort linked to the itching of the inflamed areas.

Folliculitis may need a doctor’s attention only when you notice that the inflammation got worse and you feel pain and itching you can’t stand.


Pimples on the testicles develop because of the oil and dead cells that block the pores. Infection, which usually joins this process, makes the pore fill with white pus. That’s why they look like white spots.

Pimples on testicles don’t demand any treatment. The only thing you can do is to wait and don’t squeeze the pimples.

Fungal infection

Excessive sweating and poor hygiene may trigger the growth of fungus on the testicles, around the penis, and on the butt.

You may improve the situation and cope with the fungus without medicines if you start taking the shower more often and wear the underwear that would absorb the moisture and sweat better.

Sexually transmitted viral infections

Herpes simplex and human papillomavirus may also show through white spots (either warts or blisters) on the testicle skin surface. A strong and healthy immune system can cope with viruses without additional help. Yet if it is a bit weak, an infected person may need to take antiviral preparations to stimulate the immunity.