Accepted Myths about Male Potency

Potency is one of the most important aspects of not only physical, but psychological health of a man and his emotional condition. Potency can be defined as an ability to perform sexually or an ability to achieve and hold an erection. Impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, is a potency-related disorder that causes an inability to have satisfactory and pleasurable sex.

While an overwhelming majority of men experience this frustrating disorder on a temporary basis, over 10% of males have permanent signs that may occur as a devastating consequence or the result of undertreatment. Despite in certain instances erectile dysfunction cannot be treated, the vast majority of cases can be successfully eliminated with several simple actions.

Learn the most common myths about male potency and find out the truth about them to ensure your safety and prevent possible condition occurrence and development:

  • The sexual activity of a man depends on the size of his genital organs. In fact, they cannot influence sexual activity, while sexual constitution that is related to hormones is to respond for the process;
  • Male potency decreases with age. In fact, age is not the most crucial factor that influences male ability to get and hold an erection. Instead, overall health state and psychological condition may interfere with this ability;
  • Sexual activity of a man can increase if he changes partners often. In fact, constant change of partners can trigger stress for both the body and psyche of a man. Therefore, sexual failure and erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur than a boom in sexual activity;
  • Injectable testosterone can treat impotence. In fact, the lack of male hormones is not the primary reason for erectile dysfunction occurrence. Instead, the condition can be caused by a range of underlying health impairments. Moreover, hormonal drugs cannot be taken without qualified medical assistance;
  • Impotence is forever. In fact, you can be sexually active even after 60. Properly chosen and administered erectile dysfunction medications can prolong the time of your sexual activity.