Male Potency

Modern Methods of Sexual Vigor Advance

Male potency is an ability to obtain an erection and hold it during the sexual intercourse in order to experience satisfactory and pleasurable sex. Besides, potency is sometimes interpreted as an ability to conceive, while others view it as a usual ability to erect. Anyway, the problem of impotence is ultimately growing and hitting an advancing number of males. Thus, it is inevitable to be aware of the condition, its symptoms and possible consequences. Continue reading “Modern Methods of Sexual Vigor Advance”

Physiology of Erection: How It Occurs

Sexual function is one of the most important and valued features in the organism. Known as penile erection, the issue presupposes elevation, hardening and enlargement of the penis. However, achieving erection naturally, males do not usually think about the ways of its occurrence, but the vast majority of people with erectile dysfunction try to understand the whole process. The slightest impairment at any stage can result in severe complications gaining and holding an erection. Therefore, it is inevitable to be aware of the processes that happen during male erection. Continue reading “Physiology of Erection: How It Occurs”