Grapefruit lowers the efficiency of Tadalafil in the erectile dysfunction treatment

All package leaflets for Tadalafil have a caution that it is not recommended to take the pills with grapefruit juice. Many men do not pay attention to it, and then they notice that the efficiency of the pills is reduced during the simultaneous use with grapefruit juice. What is the problem?

It is not a secret that pharmacotherapy is the most effective method to treat the erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil is one of the best medications because it acts for more than 24 hours and has a soft action.

Taking Tadalafil, a man can be confident that he will have a hard erection even during severe physical or psychological fatigue. But the maximal effect may be achieved only if all recommendation of a manufacturer are followed.

For example, manufacturers of Tadalafil do not recommend to take the pills with grapefruit juice or to take the pills right after the consumption of grapefruit. The matter is that the pills are affected by the acid environment of the stomach. The acid environment of the stomach will break the cover of the pill within 10-20 minutes till the pill penetrates the intestine. But if the pill is taken with grapefruit juice, the aggressive effect of the acid environment will be increased, and it will cause a partial destruction of the Tadalafil molecule. As a result, the blood will receive just 5-10 mg instead of 20 mg active ingredient. Due to this, a therapeutic effect may be not good, or the action will last for a shorter period.

Grapefruit increases the acidity of the gastric juice, so that many medications are not used with this fruit. Moreover, grapefruit contains furanocoumarines, ingredients washing the enzymes that take part in splitting of medications. As a result, a part of the drug is excreted intactly and does not reach the blood. It also affects the final therapeutic effect of Tadalafil.

If you want to get the maximal effect, it is necessary to take Tadalafil not earlier than 3-4 hours after the use of grapefruit.