Low Testosterone Advances the Risk of Chronic Diseases in Men

According to the results of recent research, considerable testosterone deficiency can trigger the development of chronic health disorders in males. Lack of testosterone enhances mainly as a man ages, though its deficiency can also be related to other factors, such as obesity, heart disorders, and many other health problems.

The recent study involved over 2,500 men and took two years. The social background, health and several other factors were taken into consideration. During this period males passed blood tests so that the doctors could track testosterone levels. The results showed that people who had decreased testosterone levels had an advanced risk of accompanying health problems, unlike the ones with normal testosterone ranges. Despite the tendency has been proved, it is inevitable to consider several other issues, which can harm your health condition, launching numerous side effects and triggering the development of other complications, especially smoking, eating a wrong diet, leading a sedentary lifestyle, etc. These factors contributed not only to the decrease of testosterone levels, but occurrence of chronic disorders, too.

Following the results of the research, over 31% of males had certain degree of testosterone deficiency, with the tendency growing with age. Older adults are more likely to be diagnosed with T deficiency, so the risk of chronic disease appearance was also higher in this category of respondents. Over 55% of males with testosterone problems reported accompanying chronic health issues.

Middle-aged people were not surveyed and examined, but the investigation was all about young and old people. The conclusion can be as follows that more than 75% of older people suffered from multimorbidity. However, the tendency was lower in younger men, so they were less likely to be diagnosed with cholesterol impairments, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, diabetes and other chronic problems.