Spider poison may cause priapism in a man

It may seem weird but spider poison may cause a severe and uncontrolled erection. Only one type of spiders from Phoneutria bloodline has such a unique effect. Scientists have detected that poison of the Brazilian Wandering spider contains protein which provides a positive effect on the male sexual function.

an unexpected effect of the spider poisonPoison is very dangerous itself and may quickly cause a paralysis of muscles and asphyxia. But some separate ingredients cause priapism.

Priapism is a long-term painful erection that is not related to the sexual arousal and is not stopped after a sexual intercourse. Priapism may occur all of a sudden in every man, and it is rather difficult to remove this painful erection.

When certain type of protein in the poison of Phoneutria spider reaches the male blood, an excessive dilation of the blood vessels happens, and they are filled with the blood. The erection after the spider poison is painful and unpleasant but scientists are sure that they can adjust this natural ingredient for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

Studies of this toxic protein on rats have demonstrated a significant improvement of the erectile function. It happened by means of the increased release of nitrogen oxide in the blood which dilated the blood vessels and improved the blood circulation. Moreover, a promising drug on the basis of the spider protein will have less contraindications than Viagra and other medications in the group of PDE5 inhibitors.

A new medication will be developed on the basis of the natural ingredient, and it means that it will not contain chemical compounds and will have a softer action on the body of men.

The spider poison has been tested so far, and it is too soon to speak of a development of a new breakthrough product for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the use of PDE5 inhibitors is the only way to treat the sexual disorder, yet.