What sport to select at the age of over 45?

When a person regularly exercises, s/he does not concern about continuing it after 45. It is just necessary to reduce the load, taking into account the possibilities of the body at this age.

And it is never too late to start exercising at 45, or at 70. It especially includes men. The matter is that a physiology of the male body is built the way that a production of testosterone is reduced at the age of over 40. It is the main male sexual hormone that is responsible for the potency and libido, and the functioning of the whole body.

The physical activity helps to increase a production of testosterone and keep its concentration normal. Exercising at 45 is tough for all people: men and women, ex-sportsman, and a person who has visited gym from time to time. Therefore, the most important thing to do before selecting your sport is to have a medical examination.

The first age-related changes affect the joints. The connective tissues (maintaining cartilages, chorda, and ligaments) become less elastic. Moreover, a risk of the development of the arterial hypertension, tachycardia, and other chronic diseases grows at 45.

It is necessary to take into account the current state of your body while selecting sport. The regular training makes the body stronger, improves the cardiac muscle, joints, ligaments, the muscle core. And in some time, the loads may be increased.

Doctors often try to play safe and tell about inability to train at senior age, but it is not right. The aging processes will go faster without physical activity.

What sport to select at the age of over 45?

  • Tennis will do for newbies. It develops coordination of movements, improves joints and cardiovascular system. It does not make an additional load on the body.
  • Fitness: a degree of the load may be adjusted depending on a body. If it is necessary to improve heart, aerobic activity is preferred. If you want to keep the muscle volume, prefer anaerobic activity.
  • If you like running, it is better to refuse from it at this age because running is harmful for the joints. Walking has an effect on the body and does not harm the joints and ligaments.
  • Swimming is the most effective and useful type of sport for people at the age of over 45.

In fact, the restrictions are normally absent at 45. It all depends on the individual peculiarities of the body and preparations. Even weight training is useful, if your body stands several pounds of the additional weight. The most important is to train wisely. Remember about warm-up and follow your health.