What are men afraid of in bed and how to deal with it?

Passion and desire that people feel before sex often go side by side with a fear. The reasons for such a companionship may be different, yet it’s important to deal with the issue right away. Otherwise, it may grow into sexual performance anxiety, problems with a partner, and, consequently, end of the relations.

Sexual fears are often met in women. However, men may also have a number of fears influencing their sexual performance:

  • Fear of not satisfying their partner. This one may be called one of the most common things that men worry about before sex. Making a woman reach orgasm is the main goal for the bulk of males, and if they are not sure about their possibilities, it may become a problem.
  • Fear of not being able to get an erection. Erectile dysfunction may seriously hit male self-confidence. As a result, they start being afraid of experiencing failure in front of their partner, which, actually, raises the chances for such an outcome.
  • Fear of premature ejaculation. Coming to the finish too early may also give grounds for fear. Unlike women, who can continue the intercourse even after orgasm, men need some time to restore their ability to make love. It may be especially worrying when you only start the relations with a new partner.

Ways of dealing with fears in bed

To know how to get rid of the fear connected with intimate relations, you have to determine what its core is. Having done that, it will be much easier for you to find the right way out of the situation.

In case you are afraid of not meeting your partner’s expectations, and doubt whether she gets the satisfaction from your “communication”, just talk to her. Trust and understanding of her preferences in bed can help you do the things she likes. Hence, the probability of failing to satisfy your woman goes down.

Troubles with an erection may be solved with the help of special medications. They work for several hours so, your girlfriend won’t even know that you have a “helper”. However, if you are a married man or you absolutely trust your second half discuss your fear and you’ll see that your self-evaluation and sexual performance get better.

When ejaculating too fast, you may find some other ways of making your partner pleased. Be inventive. Sex is a perfect area for experiments so, you shouldn’t stop satisfying your woman even after you have come to the culmination.