Possible Causes of Pain during Sex in Men

Painful sex is quite common among males. A range of health problems can serve the background for pain. It means that painful sex should not worry you, but stimulate some action. Finding out the reason for the condition occurrence is a dependable way to its improvement.

Following the medical information, there are several major impairments, which can trigger pain during a sexual intercourse, including:

  • Prostatitis. Defined as prostate gland inflammation, the complication frequently results in swelling, burning, and painful sensations during urination. However, it is necessary to remember that the gland, which is located behind the bladder, is responsible for the occurrence of erection and ejaculation. Thus, prostatitis can serve the reason for pain during the intercourse;
  • Urinary tract infection. Despite the condition is considered to be more typical of women, men can also suffer from the disorder. The signs of the issue are exceptionally strong, commonly including burning and pain during urination. However, since the penis emits a foul smell, it can hurt during ejaculation;
  • Dermatitis. Dermatitis, allergic reactions and similar issues can cause pain during a sexual intercourse. In such instances, the inflammation can be triggered by creams, soaps, and lotions, which irritate the skin, launching itching and pain;
  • Herpes. Being a sexually transmitted disorder, the condition can enhance the risk of the infection aggravation, launching pain and other devastating sensations during the intercourse;
  • Peyronie’s disease. The condition is the reason for devastating health aggravations and disorders. The scar tissue, which runs along the whole penis, is bent, contributing to painful and difficult erections.

Yeast infection, psoriasis, Paraphimosis, phimosis, tight foreskin and a range of other complications can trigger pain and discomfort during a sexual intercourse. Talk to your medical specialist about the painful sensations you have. The doctor will assist you in finding and eliminating the possible reason for the development of this condition.