Nutrition Peculiarities for Men after 45

As a man ages, the body needs change too. Additionally, certain age specifications require more attention to some products and health aspects. Therefore, following eating recommendations or even keeping to a diet can be the only solution. Keeping weight off becomes difficult, as a more sedentary life period appears and eliminates the amount of lean body mass you have. Consequently, males over 45 are more susceptible to significant and rapid weight gain.

products that help men stay healthy over 45

Proper nutrition and following simple eating tips can help improve the disorders and balance the overall health state:

  • Some periods in life require increased production of this or that product. For instance, vitamin B12 is ultimately important for aging males. Thus, activating the advanced consumption of products rich in this vitamin is a beneficial decision;
  • Increase the consumption of bananas. High potassium level and low sodium range allow bananas to balance blood pressure and completely reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke occurrence;
  • Vitamin B12 is the basis of balanced health. Eggs, meat and other products containing B12 can significantly contribute to the cognition processes and improve the blood cell functioning;
  • Eat more spicy products. As a man ages, he experiences a drastic drop in saliva, as well as taste-bud power. Therefore, using various spices can improve your health state and keep you active;
  • Water balance is halfway to a balanced health state. Dehydration is one of the most serious disorders that bother an aging man. Since fluid is required for proper functioning of the vast majority of body organs, sufficient water consumption is important at that age;
  • More calcium – less risk of fractions. With age, bones become weaker, which can lead to easy fractions and similar problems. Eating more calcium-containing products can keep your health state balanced and associated risks eliminated.

Advanced vitamin D concentration, fiber, restricted consumption of saturated fats, lower amounts of calories and unhealthy carbs are the essential steps an aging man should take into account. Contact your dietician to make sure your diet will not harm the overall health state, but improve the condition instead.