Possible Reasons of Failures in Bed

Romantic relationships, passion and sexual desire are the factors that contribute to the quality of your sexual experience. Sexual failures can work opposite, ruining the relations or completely breaking them. Poor sexual performance is not only a reason for sexual dissatisfaction in a couple, but also considerable psychological and physical impairments in a man. Frequently you know the reason of failure pretty well and may not want to admit, but sometimes the cause is not clear.Keep in mind that temporary problems in bed are normal, but constant abnormalities require qualified medical assistance. Erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders can start with random problems in bed and aggravate to severe health problems. Therefore, watch your health state, be aware of other symptoms and contact your healthcare specialist the moment you have experienced other complications.

The most typical causes of random problems in bed can be launched by several disorders, including the following:

  • Smoking interferes with the sperm count and quality of achieved erections. Therefore, before killing your overall health state, it kills a man in you;
  • Alcohol can impair your mind and the central nervous system, so you do not have a chance to relax and enhance blood circulation around the body;
  • Anxiety. Fear of future failure or poor performance can significantly decrease your chances of quality erection and satisfactory sex;
  • Premature ejaculation is determined as an inability to control your ejaculation. Thus, it can appear right before penetration or shortly after it;
  • Testosterone deficiency. With age, the level of testosterone decreases, so a man loses his masculinity and faces reduced stamina and sexual ability;
  • Stress is the worst enemy of sexual performance;
  • Medications. Specific prescription and generic drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins can influence male erection and ejaculation;
  • Health complications, such as heart disorders, diabetes, kidney impairments and related problems, can decrease your ability to perform well in bed.

Eliminate possible triggers and enjoy the sexual intercourse you can control.