10 Reasons for the Couple Breakups

Perhaps everyone wants to have the relations, which may be described with the words “till death makes us apart”, yet everything is not that simple and couples often break up even after years of seemingly good and loving relationships. Why does it happen?


Having sex with someone else or, even worse, falling in love with the other person may be called the worst scenario for the breakup. The relations are very likely to end up with a scandal and tears. And even if a couple could survive the cheating, there is very little probability that they’ll keep trusting each other.

Lack of communication

Talking with each other is extremely important for any relationships. Thanks to talks, people can discuss their problems and speak about what they like and what they don’t like about each other. It excludes misunderstandings and accumulation of complaints.

Problems in bed

Even the best relations may be spoilt by intimate problems. Lack of satisfaction in bed may bring tension between the partners and lead to a breakup.


Any family relations are based on trust. In case one of the couple or even both lie to each other, they have no future.

Lack of support

Support is one of the basics in any relations, and it doesn’t matter whether it is physical, moral, financial or emotional support. In case one can’t find it in his or her partner, he will look for it in someone else’s arms.

Influence of the others

The pressure of the opinion of friends or relatives may ruin the relations. People start hesitating about the rightness of their choice and it’s very likely that they’ll leave these relations fast.

Inability to accept the partner’s imperfection

There is a category of people setting certain standards for their partner (e.g. weight, height, IQ level). In case he or she fails to meet the requirements, the relations break up.


Excessive jealousy causes numerous problems within the couple: isolation from friends, strict control, limitation of personal space. All these become the reasons for quarrels and breakup.


Alcohol and drugs may change the person you once fell in love with and destroy even the best relations.

Inability to compromise

In any relations, it is important to find a compromise between the wishes of the two people. Inability to listen and to hear the partner may cause a breakup.